December 30th Track Launch!

December 30th Track Launch!

fireproofWhen you combine the rain dance, clapping overhead and a super catchy song, what do you get? ? FIREPROOF ? This short ⚡ Cardio ⚡ track has an easy to follow formula and will make your playlists even more fun! Unless you live in ?? this track may not be on the radio so listen and get ready to rock! ? We’ll be fireproof ? Launching December 30th!

E + A

December 23rd Track Launch!

December 23rd Track Launch!

show-me-the-moneyTurn your hat sideways and get ready to Step Up! ⚡ ARM TRACK ⚡ “Show Me the Money” is in the house this week and a burn is going doooooown! Different moves + a Simple Formula = oh so fun! Your crowd will be bobbin’ their heads showing some serious ‘tude whenever this track comes on! Make sure to add your ooh ooh’s in there and do the waves like you just don’t care!


Because we like to keep Christmas Time songs very optional they are for viewing and learning on the INSTRUCTOR facebook page. We have pinned them to the top so they will stay there for the next two weeks for your referral. Two of the videos were from last year and a then a new cardio was added this year…oh and stay tune because I may add more as this week goes on. Just call it the Christmas spirit getting in to me.

Here are the three songs you will be working with: Full Album covers are on the Facbook page in the first comment on each video post

WARMUP: JINGLE BELL ROCK/McCLAIN SISTERS (Disney Channel Holiday Playlist) : For this song you need actually slow it down about 2% (I know weird becasue we have never done that, but it is speedy)




We hope you have a blast with these fun songs in addition to the regularly scheduled SONGS of the WEEK that will continue to be launched. Get those thinking caps on!





December 16th Track Launch!

December 16th Track Launch!

It’s the holidays and boy do we ever have a treat for you!! It’s going to feel like Christmas this week! Wrapped up in a big bow is not one but 2 girl group rockers!

First Up!

“Move” by Limovel Mix – The ⚡Holiday⚡ section is about to be double the fun with “Move” on the list! It will have you ? Feelin like it’s my Birthday, like Christmas Day came early ? This track is a TONER and should be used at the end of your playlist before abs and arms to celebrate the holidays or someones birthday! Groove with your participants and get them to MOVE!




Next Up!

me-and-my-girls“Me & My Girls” by Fifth Harmony is also being launched! This let loose ⚡Cardio⚡ is rocking, directional and a BLAST! Better than a night out with the girls, this track is guaranteed to make it to the top of your list of favs!

We can’t wait to see you bring the house down with these gems!

⚡❤ E + A

December 9th Track Launch!

December 9th Track Launch!



“My Life Would Suck Without You” I think we can all agree that this rings true when it come to HIGH Fitness!  When this genius ⚡⚡WARM UP⚡⚡ was submitted by Metta Semrad, we knew that this was the perfect track to crank up your classes, right off the hop!!!!  Kelly Clarkson’s HIGH debut is sure to get your classes excited and ready to rock!

Listen to the song and get your cueing skill ready because you have to hold the crowd in one part and add 2 extra counts in another!!!!  You got this!

Make sure to download the correct version!  There is a different cover for the USA and Canada so refer to the pics above!  If it says RADIO EDIT, you have the WRONG version!