March 3rd Launch Song!

March 3rd Launch Song!








You can’t have a BIRTHDAY without CAKE so that is exactly what we are giving you. “Cake by the Ocean” with some “Birthday” on top is this week’s launch!

Get ready to ? Lose your mind and go crazy ? with DNCE and ? Blow your dreams away ? with Selena Gomez!!!

We know that a ⚡ Cardio ⚡ and a ⚡ Birthday ⚡ track in one week is too good to be true but we love to ? party like that ?

**Remember Birthday is to be used to celebrate your special students and go as Song 15 right before abs

Do not post until Friday!

February 24th Launch Song!

February 24th Launch Song!

Jon Bon Jovi is in the house, get ready to


is a winner of an ⚡️AB⚡️track! If the killer moves don’t get your crowds digging deeper then the song itself sure will! It’s hard not to reflect and work harder with these lyrics……. ?it’s now or never, I ain’t going to live forever! I just wanna live while I’m alive!?


Watch the video closely and save the posts until Friday!

February 17th Launch Song!

February 17th Launch Song!

2 ⚡ 17 ⚡ 17

Let’s “Get It Started” ? YEAH ? YEAH ? YEAH ? YEAH ?

Debuted at our very first Epic Event, this old school gem of an ⚡ ARM TRACK ⚡ is finally being launched!

The ultimate in Beat meets Burn, our second “Black Eyed Peas” launch is sure to end your class on a H⚡GH! ? and the base keeps runnin’ runnin’ and runnin’ runnin’ and runnin’ runnin’ and runnin’ runnin’ ?

❤ ⚡ A + E

⚡ Remember – keep the lid on until Friday!! ⚡

February 10th Launch Track!

February 10th Launch Track!

Launching 2 ⚡ 10 ⚡ 17 and right on time for Valentines Day! You are going to fall in love with this love gone wrong ⚡ CARDIO PUSH ⚡

“Got Your Number”, like LOVE has its ups and downs.  With its super fun Chorus move, your participants will be tricked into thinking that this is an easy going track!  Once the burpees, leaps and jumps come out, they will have your number and know what you are up to!

Make sure to watch the video carefully as there are directional variations, and the timing is everything in that bridge!!!

?Love is blind, but now I see I don’t love you no more I got 20/20?

⚡ ❤ A + E

**Remember not to post about the launch song until Friday!**