June 29th Launch Song!

June 29th Launch Song!

USHER baby. Yeah, we did it again and this time I’mma make you ⚡SCREAM⚡

Launching this week a #warmup is coming at you that is going to start your classes on a H⚡GH!! Simple but oh so fun, you will have your crowds singin’ ?Ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby? from the get go!

Get ready to grapevine, step reach, then punch your classes’ energy to the sky! Have we mentioned there’s a kettle bell swinging bridge?? ?

Got one life, just live it, just live it!!!!!

Get out there and make them ⚡SCREAM⚡

E + A

P.S. Remember not to post until Friday!! ⚡

June 23rd Launch Song!

June 23rd Launch Song!

?Here we go, here we go, it’s about time that we set it off?

Launching FRIDAY June 23rd, the #highsongoftheweek ⚡LEGEND⚡ is a game changing ⚡TONER⚡ that will make you wonder how you lived without it! This Halley Seim stroke of genius will have you turning circles, lunging like never before, pulling your ?? out and ?Got me singin’ like? Bang, bang ? Bang, bang ? Bang, bang ?

Cueing and having a blast is key in this track! ?Won’t stop til we’re ⚡LEGEND⚡ Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, Nah, nah, nah, nah



Due to the inconvenience of our site suddenly not playing videos we are listing the link to the youtubes for thumbs right here. Our hope is that you will at minimum has access to this video until all things get sorted.

If you think you are frustrated we are double that and are working it out as soon as possible and taking precautions so it does not happen again.

Thanks for being understanding and giving us your patience as we work out the demands of a growing website.



June 16th Launch Song!

June 16th Launch Song!

?Well I’ve looked all over the world? for a ⚡️CARDIO⚡️ this darn good! There’s nothing to lose and there’s nothing to prove and ill be ⚡️Dancing with Myself⚡️

We took this 1981 David Bowie classic, gave it 80s inspired moves and a vibe that is a total blast! This #highsongoftheweek is guaranteed to make you ?SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT, sweat sweat sweat sweat ?

The song is long and the moves are H⚡️GH so make sure to pull out your best presentation and cueing techniques to keep them rocking it!

A + E

June 9th Launch Song!

June 9th Launch Song!

?And so, they keep on twiddlin’ them thumbs Skiddly-dee-da-dum?

You won’t be twiddling your “Thumbs” once you get your hands on this weeks’ Sabrina Carpenter #barre #highsongoftheweek! You will squat, walk and airplane your way to working those tiny muscles!

Unlike most tracks, use the formula to guide you instead of the lyrics! The formula is straight forward so just ignore those words unless you are singing them of course!

?Cause that’s just the way of the world. It never ends till the end, then you start again?

Keep it secret until Friday!