September 29th Launch Song!

September 29th Launch Song!

Get ready to have a ball this week because the launch is a real “Winner”!!!!

Tilt those caps and get those elbows HIGH because you are up batta batta batta!

?I feel like I can’t miss
I know they want me to fall
But ain’t nothin’ bigger than this
So just pass me the ball?

With pulse Lunges, 180 degree squat jumps and single legged squats, remember through the fun to stay low in those legs because this is a ⚡️Toner⚡️!

?You know you
looking at a
Winner, winner, winner
I can’t miss, can’t lose, can’t miss
You know you looking
at a
Winner, winner, winner
Cause I’m a Winner?

September 22nd Launch Songs!

September 22nd Launch Songs!










The “Countdown” is on and there’s “Nothing Holding Me Back” this week because you are getting a double Launch!!!

Beyoncé will be burning your ⚡️ARMS⚡️ and Shawn Mendez will be cranking up your ⚡️CARDIO⚡️!!!!

?These songs are a 10
?We dressing to the 9
?We do HIGH so we 8
?Make me feel so lucky 7
?Pick me up at 6
?We be rocking these in 5
?4 you we are launching 2
?3 cheers for Queen B
?Your the 1

September 15th Launch Song!

September 15th Launch Song!

You are gonna ?Wake Up in the morning feelin’ like P Diddy? with this fun and sassy ⚡️WARM UP⚡️!

“Tik Tok” goes the clock, is it Friday Sept 15th yet?? Get ready because Kesha be starting your classes on a H⚡️GH with her catchy lyrics and our simple moves in the #highsongoftheweek

Just remember, ?The party don’t start till I walk in?

HIGH Society Updates


Welcome to September!

Thank you for all you do!
Our #highfitsociety is grateful for each and every one of you.

We always love to highlight what is happening in our community and get people from all over North America excited about HIGH Fitness and YOUR classes. In order to do this, we need YOU to let us know when special events are happening!
There are a few ways of doing this:


Special Events: Use #highfitnessevents when posting on social media so your event has a chance to be highlighted on the @ilovehighfitness stories! You can also send your event info directly to our Social Media Coordinator – Cate Christison Text: 1.801.647.8633 or Email: [email protected]
We want to showcase events from all over North America!!

Participant Transformation Stories: Use #highfitnesstransformation when posting on social media so we can celebrate your participants and YOU!

Song of the Week: If you wish to have your video considered to be used as the highlight for the song of the week, use #highsongoftheweek when posting clips on social media.


Anytime a post is used in the @ilovehighfitness stories, we will be sure to include a shout out to the instructor.
Please note that we cannot guarantee that every post will be used.


Classes: Everyone has been doing an amazing job of keeping their classes updated on the website – THANK YOU! This is just a friendly reminder to constantly keep updating any time a change happens. Also, make sure those classes are on the site to begin with – people look! If you are unsure how to do this or you are having issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can help. Send an email to [email protected] with any questions.

The most common issue coming up is that an instructor will enter a class then go to edit it and it doesn’t show up on their profile anymore. Make sure that the first thing you do is click your name in the instructor list box – this is what connects your entered class to your account.

Breaks: Classes are rockin’ across the continent! Part of the success of the HIGH Fitness format is the constant flow of movement and energy. Stopping the music and taking breaks between songs interrupts the intensity, flow and overall energy of a class – keep the music and participants moving!! A good time to preview a move or provide specific safety cues is a few minutes prior to the start of class. This does not mean we expect you not to drink water – grab your water and keep the music going!! STOPPING THE MUSIC IS NOT AN OPTION!

Choreography: When in doubt, check the videos! Keep in mind how easily forgetful moments in one class can become habits leading to changed choreography in future classes. This is also important if you attend other instructor’s classes! Take the time to review those videos, even if you’ve done a song a hundred times! Consistency is key. This includes arm positioning during moves, direction, which foot you start with, etc.

Arm track reminder: The focus of these tracks is working and burning out the arms so, although the songs are fun and playful, watch how much bouncing and dancing around you do. Keep the arms strong and controlled – remember that in order to get participants to work, you need to exaggerate. When it comes to arm tracks, the exaggeration is in both how you do the move and the intensity (sharp and strong) with which you do the moves. Make em work!!

**This information was also sent via email – please let us know if you didn’t receive the email after checking your junk folder**

Email [email protected] with any questions, comments or feedback.


September 8th Launch Song!

September 8th Launch Song!

?I get knocked down but I get up again? will be your mantra as you fight through this new killer⚡️Cardio Push⚡️ “Tubthumping”

Intense ⚡️ + Heart pumping ❤️ = #highsongoftheweek!
With 2 moves we have never done before, this track is new, fresh and oh so fun!!!!

Get ready to ROCK and FLY, ski and tuck jump and party after your burpees! ?

The lyrics say it all! ?You are NEVER gonna keep me down?