December 1st Launch Song!

December 1st Launch Song!

Oops we did it again! Too many good tracks, so little time!

This month we are launching the most requested tracks, the biggest gems, the rocking choreo that has been on hold for 80s month.

When Metta Semrad and Emily Nelson put their heads together magic happens which is why we are putting this Britney track first on the list! Be ready to rock, punch and jack until you drop! We literally couldn’t hold back this amaze #cardio any longer!


A little more 80s fun!

A little more 80s fun!

If you are still standing after 80s month, it’s your lucky day because you are getting a bonus track to finish it off!!! Leigh Gibney of the @yychighgirlz is on a roll inspiring yet another track, this time by Elton John!

This #cardio has it all, fun, motivation and moves that will make you groove!

It has been an incredible month full of awesome videos, costumes and enthusiasm! We hope you have had as much fun bringing back the 80s as we have!

November 24th Launch Songs!! *Updated*

November 24th Launch Songs!! *Updated*

We are ending 80s month on a HIGH!

?This one goes out to all the fellas, trying to do what those ladies tell us? who is ready to ⚡️Bust a Move⚡️like it’s 1989 !?! Young MC in the house this week with a ROCKIN’ #toner that is guaranteed to get your crowd moving! (Just make sure they are still toning and not bouncing!)








The all girl band,The Go Gos have been singing “We Got the Beat” since 1981 and now it’s your chance! You have 2:33 to crank up that heart rate so get H⚡️GH and keep it H⚡️GH the entire time! With only 2 moves and a bridge this simple #cardio will have you skipping, jumping and ?walking down the street?!

Even better?! Songs will be released on Wed night this week only!!

November 17th Launch Songs!

November 17th Launch Songs!

We couldn’t possibly have an 80s month without rocking a Tina Turner track! We are ⚡️Proud Mary⚡️ to have The Queen of Rock and Roll in our library and even more excited because this launch is a #toner+party track all in one!!!!! Put it as your last toner and it flows right into the party, you will be ?rollin’ rollin’ rollin on a river? of fun!


and that’s not all!!!


When you’ve got the ⚡️Eye of the Tiger⚡️you’ve got it all, especially when it comes to an 80s playlist!!!
?It’s the eye of the tiger it’s the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of our rival?
Thanks to Amy Villeda, you will be ending your classes in the zone, with this Killer fun #abtrack!!!
?and he’s watching us all with the eye of the tiger? ?

Another 3 track launch! Say what?!?!?

More 80s!!

We hope you are having a gnarly 80s month!!!

You spoke and we are delivering! We are adding a ⚡️Warmup⚡️to this weeks’ tracks which means you get a triple launch! ??????

You can thank our very own “Uptown Girl” Leigh Gibney of the @yychighgirlz who gave us the inspo for this warm up and it’s a blast!

Our current library is full of amazing already launched 80s hits! Here are some suggestions for playlists this month:

It’s Like That
Rock ‘n Roll all Nite
Were not Gonna Take it

It’s tricky
Pour some sugar

Girls just want to have fun (the song not the version)
Fight for your Right
Dancing with Myself

⚡️Cardio Push⚡️
Jump Van Halen
Beat it
The Otherside
You Shook me All Night Long
Holding Out For a Hero

Welcome to the jungle

Hit me with your best shot
Material Girl

Have a RAD week.