May 4th Launch Song!

May 4th Launch Song!

LAUNCH DATE: Friday May 4th, 2018
Original BPM: 93
Magic Percent: 8%




3 simple moves and 10x the fun 🎶Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still Jenny from the Block! 🎶 JLo is finally in the house and in our library and we couldn’t be happier about it!!!  This #cardio has it all! Fun factor, intensity and through the roof karaoke potential!  

🎶It takes hard work to cash cheques🎶 so give it your all and give them the blast they paid for and came for from the South Side Bronx!



Exciting Summer Announcement!

Get ready to kick off June with our 70’s inspired  ” Get Your Shine On” summer fun campaign. We will be providing branded assets and templates for you to utilize, fresh merchandise to rock, and new releases that will get you and your participants movin’ and grovin’ into the summer.  Our campaign will be running from June to the end of July. To kick off our 70’s inspired “Get Your Shine On” campaign, Amber and Emily will be doing free outdoor epic High fitness classes, rocking all the new releases. Put these dates in your calendar as you do not want to miss!

Amber, Calgary| Saturday June 2nd 730pm. Mcmahon Stadium

Emily, Utah| Saturday June 9th. 8AM. At the food court at City Creek Center. Sponsored by Albion Fit

Stay tuned for more details #getyourshineon #highfitnesssummer


⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

Feature Technique BLOG from our amazing GURU: Leslie Hansen
Fellow instructors! I am so impressed with the passion and love that each of you have for High Fitness! Here are a few little tips and tricks that I have learned over the years that will hopefully be helpful to you!
Favourite HIGH Song: “Oops! I Did It Again!” is my fav cardio and “Latch” has always been a favorite! It’s so hard to pick!
One thing you do not know about me: I LOVE a good book and chocolate covered cinnamon bears! Preferably together. I am also a High School AP Literature teacher and High is my mental and physical saving grace! It’s therapy!
TIP for instructors: I’m keeping it real, ladies! If you have issues with the inevitable “pee problems” the best solution I have found is a device called the “Pessarie.” Your OBGYN or Urologist can do this for you! It’s roughly $75 and lasts forever! It has been a life saver! Or a “pee saver” :)!!!
Let’s Talk About Form!
As a 43 year old with arthritis in my knees as well as back problems, this is SO CRUCIAL to me! We need to always emphasize safety!  You can still get everything possible out of the class if you do things the right way. I emphasize the following things in EVERY class!
1- Keep abs tight throughout the whole class!! I just point to them and vocally remind as well. Using the core throughout the whole class will ease back issues AND give participants stronger abs as well.
2-Knee placement in squats and especially jacks! Point to your knees, vocally remind,etc.
3-Remind them to take options if needed! And don’t forget to show them what the options are. I also emphasize that if they take the jump out, be sure to make those arms BIG and keep that heart rate up!
SMILE and bring the energy!
Don’t forget to smile and energize your participants with encouragement throughout the class! If you push that energy and smile, your participants will do the same! Every class!
Some ways to do this:
1-Add a “Hey” or other vocal with punches or just sing some of the lyrics! It’s ok to be a little crazy!
2-Arm strength in ALL movement is key! Be sure that you are punching those arms hard and keeping them so strong. This will help you and your participants get the most out of your workout.
I love H⚡️GH fitness and the amazing community that continues to grow!
April 27th Launch Song!

April 27th Launch Song!

🎶Body movin’, body movin’ A1 sound, sound so soothing🎶

The Beastie Boys are in the house and you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be fun!!!  When @carlyjgates came forward with this #arm track we knew it was destined to be launched, with The Robot and DJ scratching how could we go wrong? 

🎶We’re getting down computer action

Do the robotic satisfaction🎶

As always, have fun with it but make  sure your arms and the moves are STRONG!  Little controlled movements = Big burn!

🎶We need body rocking not perfection, Let me get some action from the back section🎶

Have a blast with it!



Let’s 🙌 for a Friday Fitness Tip from our guru, @rickiraefitness! We get asked about adding weights to the arm track — don’t do it! These tracks are specifically designed to use body weight and if you’re doing it right, you won’t need the weight! Now burn those muscles out! 💪 ⚡️.  HIGH VIDEO| ARMS 

Please remember to follow the HIGH format, you should only ever be doing one arm track and one ab track,  and trust us that is all you need!!