⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

Hight Fitness Night

This weeks Technique Tuesday is all about consistency. Please ensure that you are constantly going back to the Instructional Videos & Assets section to learn & review the choreography.

Learning / Reviewing Songs

  • When you are learning new routines, the instructional video section guides you through the entire song.  It clearly breaks down the formula so you can understand exactly how to teach it, you will learn the “move” sequence/bridge and key components of the routine.
  • The full routine video will give you the entire feeling of the song, full out and provide the energy that your participants will be getting.
  • Using these tools, you will be confident that you know the formula properly.  Please ALWAYS go back to the main source of information, do not follow other instructors, as details can get changed over time.
  • Note the “Type” of song it is – ABS, TONER, CARDIO etc – this will get you in the mind frame of where your emphasis needs to be when instructing.
  • When learning / reviewing arm routines,  it is very important to follow exactly the way the video does them because you can easily change the choreography otherwise.
  • Keep your teaching sharp, clean and easy to follow, while having fun and bring the HIGH intensity to your class. Remember keeping moves sharp shows the participant exactly what the move is.
  • Review, review and review! Constantly go back to the videos for a quick review – we can not emphasize this enough.   Each HIGH song has a method to the choreography and needs to be followed by all instructors.
  • Follow the class formula, this can be found under Logos and Promotional Material.

Have a wonderful week and hope you are enjoying the new releases!


June 1st Launch Song!

June 1st Launch Song!


Launch Date: Friday June 1st, 2018
Original BPM: 86
Magic Percent:17%

🎶Your Butt is Mine🎶 so get ready, because  “Bad” is the #highsongoftheweek and you know its going to be a Good one!!!!  As soon as this iconic song comes on, your participants are going to go wild for Micheal just like Pepsi did in the 80s!

🎶Well they say the sky’s the limit  And to me that’s really true But my friend you have seen nothin’ Just wait ’til I get through🎶

This is the one case when Bad is good! This strong and fun #cardio Is going to be a real crowd pleaser if you follow moves to perfection and we have no doubt you will!

We just have one question for you: Who’s Bad?  



The Art of Mirroring

By our amazing and talented Guru Michelle Hennebery

Favorite High Song: My Life Would Suck Without You. I have to resist doing it every class, but when we do, it is a treat!

One thing you don’t know about me: Growing up I played the fiddle, my dream was to be a tap dancing fiddler. Ha! The fiddle may have retired but I still tap every week.

Best Tip: YOU set the bar as the instructor, if you are giving 80% your class is giving 60%… Shoot for 110% to get the most out of your class.

I want to take a minute and talk about mirroring. It is so vital to the energy of your class not to stay in the same spot the whole time. Mirroring gives you the opportunity to connect and make direct eye contact with your participants to keep them motivated and engaged. To new instructors, flipping and facing your crowd can seem like a scary task but here are some simple steps to set you up for success!

1) You Don’t Have To Turn Right Away – Don’t feel pressured to flip on the first round (eg: ABC). Sometimes it is easier for participants to pick up the moves when they see themselves and you in the mirror. Allow time for you and your participants to feel comfortable with the moves. For example flip on the second round of grapevines when your participants understand what’s going on and the moves are now familiar to them.

2) Neutral Moves – This is a trick that will make you look like a mirroring pro! Moves that don’t have a right or a left are the best to flip with. You don’t have to think about directions or sides and you can just go! Examples of neutral moves are jumping jacks, squats, fast feet.

3) Repeat Same Leg Trick – If you are to turn in the middle of a move, the trick is to repeat on the same side twice. For example, if you are doing step knee over and over, if you continue the same footwork, you will be on the wrong foot. Let’s break it down: (Facing the front) Step right left knee, step left right knee, (flip to face participants) step left right knee, step right left knee. Use your front row as a guide, let them help you!

4) Moves Travelling Forward & Back – This is a skill most have to learn the hard way. When doing steps that move forward and back, the trick is to go with your crowd. If you want them to run forward, you will run backwards (when mirroring). If you run forward, participants tend to feel awkward and run backwards. Again, back to Tip #1, you don’t have to flip right away. Maybe on round 1, you go with them and push your participants to really travel those steps and then on the second round you flip and go with them.

5) Use Landmarks – Change your thinking from left and right to landmarks in your room. For example, the stereo, door, window, or stairs is the participant’s right side so when you flip that is the way you go. It takes the thinking out and makes flipping much more natural.

If your space does not have a mirror, I highly recommend to be mirroring majority of the time. Losing that eye contact and facing a wall can lose the class’s energy. So learn and practice the track using the opposite leg from the beginning.

Practice these mirroring skills, be confident and you will soar!

What are tricks that help you? Comment below!

⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

Aerobics is Back! Bigger, Better HIGHer!

As we have evolved, we have updated our HIGH class “description” to reflect exactly what HIGH is all about.  We want to ensure that you are using the correct class description so that you can properly explain the HIGH Fitness experience and pack the house!

New HIGH Fitness Description: Aerobics is Back! Bigger, Better HIGHer!  Experience more than just a workout.  Simple, intense, consistent, inclusive and fun, HIGH gets participants addicted and coming back for more!  HIGH has taken old school aerobics to the next level with modern fitness techniques such as HIIT training, Plyometrics and more!  You can go HIGH or you can go low but you will always leave feeling HIGH!

Primary Hashtags: #highfitness #aerobicsisback

May 25th Launch Song!

May 25th Launch Song!

SUPER BASS : Nicki Minaj


Launch Date: Friday May 25th, 2018
Original BPM: 100
Magic Percent:0%



Can you hear that Super Bass?

If you can get ready because this week is gonna be goooooood!   Nicki Minaj never disappoints neither did Metta Semrad and Jen Stout when they choreographed this #ab track! .   Get ready to row around the world in this Ab crunching, poppin delight!

🎶Boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass, got that Super Bass🎶