⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

Technique Tuesday – this week it is TECHNICAL Tuesday!

You may have noticed that we are working hard on updating our Instructor Videos and Assets.  The purpose of this is to ensure that you have the most effective and efficient materials to learn and soar from.  In the new videos, you see the trainer do 3- 2- 1 and then the point to the camera, this is your countdown when to PUSH play! When she points it means get the music started! This will ensure that your music is synced with the videos.  We are continuing to update all the songs + assets so stay tuned!

Thanks for all you bring to the HIGH community!



May 18th Launch Song!

May 18th Launch Song!


Launch Date: Friday May 18th, 2018
Original BPM: 95
Magic Percent: 6%

🎶Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years, I’m rocking my peers🎶

LLCool J is hitting your playlists for the first time with an Epic #cardiopush track!

The formula is consistent but the amount you do the moves isn’t so read those notes and get to know this song like the back of you hand!  Speaking of hand or more like fist, it’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” that will be rocking out to!

There’s No Burpees in this one but don’t you worry, this track is as grueling as it is fun!  Punches, jump throws and it’s all done in a circle!!!!!   Oh and did we mention the Bridge?  Can you say Freestyle?! 

 🎶Gangster Boogie, Gangster Boogie 🎶