June 29th Launch Song!

June 29th Launch Song!

Bootylicious: BARRE

Launch Date: Friday June 29, 2018
Original BPM: 99
Magic Percent: 2%


I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, but get ready because the #highsongoftheweek is going to be good!

The day has come and all your dreams are coming true because “Bootylicious” is finally a HIGH track!

🎶Kelly, can you handle this?

Michelle, can you handle this?

Beyoncé, can you handle this?

I don’t think they can handle this!🎶

Put on your heels and get ready because Destinys Child is going to rock your world!   Sassy and oh so fun, this #barretrack is going to have you loving every one of your curves so get ready to flaunt what you got!  🙌🏻

Social Media!

Social Media!

Social Media Tips and Tricks with Ashley Hansen


We want to provide some guidelines for you when it comes social media marketing.  Social media communication is a crucial part of building the HIGH FITNESS brand and packing your classes!


•Be Consistent! 

If you’re new to putting yourself out there on the world of social media, keep it simple! Decide what days you’ll post and create a theme for each day so you don’t have to put extra time and effort into your post.

Examples are:

Motivation Monday – Post an inspirational quote, or something that has really motivated you.

Workout Wednesday – Post a photo or video of your High Fitness workout!

Song of the Week Saturday – Post about the High Fitness Song of the Week

Schedule Sunday – People are making their weekly plans so post your schedule on Sunday night!

•Keep it Real!

Instagram stories are a great way to be real and authentic while staying in front of your audience. The more people relate to you on social media, the more likely they will be to feel like they know you and won’t be intimidated to come to your class and say hi in person!



Be active in your community and follow other local accounts and Like and Comment on their photos. Same goes with your participants! Be interested in what they’ve got going on and show that you truly care about them.


•Find your Followers!

When you’re engaging on other accounts in your community, check out who they follow and connect with their network. Reach out to local businesses and offer to promote their product or do a giveaway together!


•Make it Pretty!

Instagram is a very visual platform so people are attracted to photos that look good! Take photos with good lighting and bright colors. You can even just lay out your workout outfit and snap that for an easy post! Or anytime you see a bright wall, stop and grab a quick pic in front of it with your self timer. Be creative! Find inspiration from other cute posts or even Pinterest and recreate them when you have time. Take photos with a variety of things but keep your filters consistent (find one or two that you love and just use those. VSCO and Lightroom are great apps for filters).


•Caption it!

Show your personality and don’t be afraid to share your story! Talk about why you love High Fitness, what High Fitness is, what to expect in class but also give your audience a reason to fall in love with you! You can also use different apps to add text and borders to your photos. A few faves are Canva, Rhonna, and WordSwag.


•Use #Hashtags!

With the new algorithm, people don’t always see what you’re posting. Find hashtags that represent what you’re posting about and use them to engage with other people in your area!  You can also follow hashtags to stay updated that way. And always make sure to use our High Fitness hashtags! #highfitness #highfitsociety #aerobicsisback #highsongoftheweek


We have some cool marketing campaigns coming your direction, just wait! Please, take advantage of the marketing pieces we provide, they are for you!! YOU are crucial to the HIGHFITNESS brand and your social media plays integral part of defining what HIGH is all about! A reminder, please make sure when posting videos they are no longer than 15 seconds.

June 22 Launch Song!

June 22 Launch Song!

More: Cardio Push

Launch Date: June 22, 2018
Original BPM: 91
Magic Percent: 10%

If you really want “More” you are about to get it because this weeks #highsongoftheweek is a doozie!!!   

Can you say burpees, burpees and more burpees mixed with some jacks and tuck jumps thrown in just to throw you over the edge!  It’s so hard it’s amazing!

🎶gonna push it to the limit gimme MORE🎶

Usher never Disappoints and neither does Metta Semrad who choreographed this baby so get ready because this #cardiopush is no exception!!!



Hello Fellows! 

We adore men and it’s HIGH time they get the credit where it’s due!  To all the men and dads in our lives we appreciate you and especially the ones that do HIGH!   We want to take this opportunity to focus on our amazing male instructors, participants and we can not forget the ones holding down the home front while we are out teaching or rockin a class.

As a token of our appreciation, this week we are offering ALL guys to come free all weekend long to every single HIGH fitness class in North America!  So Friday, Saturday and Sunday grab your dad, husband, brother, uncle, neighbour and get them out and for FREE class! **Corporate facilities not included**. There are stock images for you to use in the promotion material section on our website! So let’s have some fun and show our guys what HIGH is all about. 

Know any guys that are interested in becoming certified??? This week only, we will be offering all MALE instructors 50% off any FUTURE trainings! Stay tuned to our Instagram for details on this amazing opportunity. 

⚡️GIVEAWAY ALERT⚡️$150 HIGH Fitness Shop credit for the best post featuring a “highfitguy”. This is contest is open to all – instructors, participants – you name it. So get posting, be creative!! You can use any image past or present with a HIGH Fitness guy – rocking the crowd, teaching, or keeping it together behind the scenes . We want to see it all! The most impactful image will be announced on Saturday! Please make sure to hashtag #highfitness #highfitguys #highfitraddads