Get Your Shine On ✌🏻August 3rd Launch Songs!

Get Your Shine On ✌🏻August 3rd Launch Songs!

A good fun #cardio is like gold!  We couldn’t possibly have a 70s summer without launching some ABBA and “Does Your Mother Know” is the perfect pop throwback for your playlists!  Pair it up with a Destinys Child #abtrack and they will “Say My Name” by the end of class!
Launch Date: Friday August 3, 2018
Orignal BPM: 88
Magic Percent: 14%
Launch Date: Friday August 3, 2018
Orignal BPM: 100
Magic Percent: 0%


Introducing our HIGH Affiliate Program! As an instructor, not only do you get your 20% discount, you now get the opportunity to make some $$ off your referral purchases with our HIGH Affiliate Program! When the customer uses your UNIQUE code, they get 10% off their purchase and YOU get 10% in commission of the sale!!

Example: Jodi is an instructor, Trudy is a participant. Trudy uses Jodi’s affiliate code when she orders two new tanks. Trudy pays $45 instead of $50 and Jodi gets $5 commission from Trudy’s purchase.


Commissions are paid out via PayPal once a month – you will need a PayPal account in order to get paid. Accounts are free and easy to create at

Affiliate codes are only available to active Instructors and Students

Codes cannot be applied proactively – if someone forgets to use a code, they will not be able to receive the discount after the fact.

You will have access to your affiliate account so you can see what is happening with your code. There will also be a link added to the Instructor Portal of the website for quick access to the sign in page. (Further info to come)

This new program REPLACES your current PROTEIN CODE – the affiliate program covers all items in the HIGH Shop, including protein. (The only exclusion for codes is protein autoship – they will not be able to apply the coupon code to their recurring order). Make sure to let everyone know!– Unique code will be sent via email  FRIDAY JULY 27th with further information for them – so please make sure to go and check your email! 

Your code is LIVE so share it with whomever you wish! Feel free to share with anyone in your classes, on social media, and anywhere else you share your love for all things HIGH Fitness!

Please email [email protected] with any questions!

⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

Have you ever heard a track you thought would make for a great HIGH song?
Or considered choreographing moves to a song then wanted to share your choreography with our team?

Choreography is the driving force of HIGH Fitness – each track, each move, each arm placement, each transition… they all come together through careful testing and consideration to create a HIGH Fitness library worthy track to be launched for instructors!

Instructors are more than welcome to submit song suggestions and/or choreography they’ve developed to our team for consideration.
There are some things to know in doing so however, so we’ve outlined the process and what to expect below:

1) Submissions can be made to [email protected]. If you are submitting video, please upload and share the link (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

2) You will receive an automated reply letting you know that your email was received. This email is also sent to anyone completing their training so be sure to read carefully.

3) You will not receive a personal response or follow up to your submission. This is not personal and is not a reflection of your value to us as instructors. Relying on an automated email allows our team the time to thoroughly review all submissions

4) If your choreography is chosen, you will be notified before the song is launched.

5) If we use a song you suggested, you will not be notified. You will find out when the track is launched.

6) All choreography goes through a vigorous testing phase whether it was created by the owners, a guru, an instructor, etc. This means it is tested, changed, adjusted, tweaked and tested some more before it lands in the lineup of tracks to be launched. If you’re choreography is chosen, there is a very high likelihood that pieces of it will be different should it be launched.This is not to negate anyone’s skills, experience or creativity it is simply to properly align each song with the HIGH Fitness format and formula.

7) As per the instructor contract, ANY and ALL choreography submitted becomes the property of HIGH Fitness LP whether it is used or not. Please take note of this!

Please know that ALL submissions are viewed and screened by our choreography team. We acknowledge that a lot of work goes into creating/videoing/submitting, and it can be a huge step outside of someone’s comfort zone – we applaud that courage! Creating choreography is a very fluid process for us, and inspiration comes from many different places which means your choreography might not be chosen but ends up sparking inspiration for a song, a move, an artist, etc.

The choice to create and submit choreography is entirely up to you. We love that people are so excited about the format that they get inspired to contribute, and it is important to make sure going in that you understand what to expect from us! 

If you have any follow up questions or would like clarification, feel free to send us an email at [email protected].

Get Your Shine On ✌🏻July 27th Launch Songs!

Get Your Shine On ✌🏻July 27th Launch Songs!

Have you dreamt of being a biker chick?  Need some Finesse in your life?   Well your dreams are coming true this week because both AC/DC and Bruno Mars will be rocking your playlists!

Hop on your hog and hold on to those ape hangers & aviators and get ready to have a blast from the past!  Aka the Mom song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” is a #barre track that will get you feeling bad to the bone so get down and dirty as in low and burning!  

Launch Date: Friday July 27th, 2018
Orignal BPM: 95
Magic Percent: 6%



If you aren’t already dripping in “Finesse” you will be after this track!  🎶Blame it on my confidence🎶 is what you will be singing while doing this #partytrack because it’s just so sassy and oh so fun!!!!!!

Have a blast with it!


Launch Date: Friday July 27th, 2018
Orignal BPM: 85
Magic Percent: 18%


Lets get to know our new GURU, Ashley Hansen.

Make sure to follow her @ashleymhfitness

Favorite High Song:
I don’t think I could ever choose just one! But I’ll narrow it down to Drop Dead Beautiful, Power, Jump Around, and Legend.
One interesting fact about you:
I love to road trip! I’ve traveled to 48 out of 50 states and plan to hit them all!!
What motivates you in the HIGH community:
So I’m actually an extroverted introvert haha! But High Fitness has challenged me to meet new people and make new friends when it would be way more in my comfort zone to just hang out by myself.
One tip you would have for instructors:
Always give more than you take. In class and in life! Be generous with your time, compassion, energy, and share what you’ve got with others!
What are you passionate about:
We are a blended family and I found High Fitness during one of my biggest challenges of our custody battle. It’s become so much more than a fitness format for me and I’m passionate about helping other women find JOY through their trials instead of just enduring them. I share more about our story on my website Our Splendid Life.
What is the most exciting part of becoming a GURU:
I absolutely love all of my Idaho instructors and I’m so excited to give them all the support and resources they need to rock out every class!! We are already a really close group so this is an amazing opportunity to help each other grow and promote high fitness together!