Lets get to know our new GURU, Ashley Hansen.

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Favorite High Song:
I don’t think I could ever choose just one! But I’ll narrow it down to Drop Dead Beautiful, Power, Jump Around, and Legend.
One interesting fact about you:
I love to road trip! I’ve traveled to 48 out of 50 states and plan to hit them all!!
What motivates you in the HIGH community:
So I’m actually an extroverted introvert haha! But High Fitness has challenged me to meet new people and make new friends when it would be way more in my comfort zone to just hang out by myself.
One tip you would have for instructors:
Always give more than you take. In class and in life! Be generous with your time, compassion, energy, and share what you’ve got with others!
What are you passionate about:
We are a blended family and I found High Fitness during one of my biggest challenges of our custody battle. It’s become so much more than a fitness format for me and I’m passionate about helping other women find JOY through their trials instead of just enduring them. I share more about our story on my website Our Splendid Life.
What is the most exciting part of becoming a GURU:
I absolutely love all of my Idaho instructors and I’m so excited to give them all the support and resources they need to rock out every class!! We are already a really close group so this is an amazing opportunity to help each other grow and promote high fitness together!