Lets get to know our New Guru, McCall Tycksen

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Favorite High Song:

Ahhhh!! How do I choose, I have SO many favorites!!! “Bend Ova” will always be close to my heart and I’ve been loving “Power”… Fun, challenging, and empowering!

One interesting fact about you:

My husband was once my ballroom dance partner and we lived + worked on a cruise ship after we got married as part of the entertainment cast  We still bust out dances in our kitchen every once in awhile!

What motivates you in the HIGH community:

The consistency of the brand has always excited me!! I love how any 2+ instructors can teach together, even if they’ve never met. It instantly bonds us in the HIGH community! I also love when participants come to my class from out of town and I can tell they know their stuff it’s fun for them to know exactly what to expect!

One tip you would have for instructors:

DON’T GIVE UP!! Sometimes it’s hard not to compare your success/class size to other’s, but every area is different! As one of the first instructors pioneering H⚡️GH in my area, it was not a cake walk. For months and months, I had MANY classes teaching 1-4 participants in the beginning. It was hard not to feel disappointed or discouraged, but I kept the class delivery the same, kept working hard to try and be creative with spreading the word and over time my class has grown tremendously!! BUT even after 2+ years teaching this format, I’ll still have classes with lower numbers. Those small numbers don’t define you as an instructor or person, KEEP LOOKING AHEAD!! Remember that people like to post their most packed classes on social media (because that IS very exciting!), but it’s likely not a representation of their class size all the time.

One more tip from instructor to instructor is to remember, “the more the merrier!” Although it’s easy to feel threatened by new instructors, or get nervous when someone else is teaching a class at the same time or location as you it could very well HELP you (I like to think about car dealerships and how they all line up next to each other to attract customers). I most definitely could not have grown my classes if there weren’t other awesome instructors in my area promoting the brand at the same time!! The more people seeing the words “H⚡️GH fitness” floating around social media or elsewhere, the more curious and likely they will be to try it and bring their friends along too!

What are you passionate about: Besides H⚡️GH fitness, I love going on adventures with my little family. Experiencing new places and seeing the world through my kids’ eyes is magical!

What is the most exciting part of becoming a GURU: I am humbled and excited to work alongside the other GURUs/fitness professionals who have amazing experience and wisdom to share. I’m pumped to continue sharing my passion for H⚡️GH & to help others find the joy I’ve found in such a fun fitness format!

70’s Apparel Launch!

70’s Apparel Launch!

Pre-Order of our new 70s inspired line of apparel will be launching tomorrow July 10th, at 9:00am MST along with our NEW shop site!

All 70s apparel orders will be SHIPPED THE WEEK OF JULY 17th but make sure to log on tomorrow morning and snag your swag before it’s sold out! Please note the sizing fits TRUE to size, order your normal size. The tops are all a longer fit as well.

Keep reading, IMPORTANT information below…

You will notice a brand new look to the HIGH Fitness Shop! We will now be running our Shop with Shopify in the hopes of making for an easier and more streamlined shopping experience. This brings with it some changes to the Instructor shopping experience. You still get the 20% discount however the process is a little different!


– Your discount is not automatically applied in the shop.
– When you make your first purchase with this new system, you will be directed to create an account at checkout – please do so
– You need to create an account WITH THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS as you use for your HIGH Fitness website account as this is the email      address we’ve associated with your Instructor coupon code
– Once your account has been created, you will use the coupon code ‘Instructor’ at checkout to receive your discount
– This code is specifically associated with individual instructor email addresses so will not work for anyone else
– You will need to use this coupon code for EVERY PURCHASE in order to get 20% off
– You will also need to be logged in for the coupon code to work
– No other coupon codes will work when your Instructor code has been applied – if you choose to use another discount code, you will not receive your Instructor discount on top!
For all questions, please send an email to [email protected]
Get Your Shine On ✌🏻July 13th Launch Songs!

Get Your Shine On ✌🏻July 13th Launch Songs!

Are you having fun yet?!   This 70s inspired summer Is just getting started and it’s time  to “Get It Poppin” with another double release!!!  ✌🏻

We could not do the 70s without Stevie Wonder and “Part Time Lover” is exactly what the doctor ordered!  This fun, upbeat #cardio with its playful moves will become your full time favourite!   

With 3 rocking moves and a ton of burn, Fat Joe does not disappoint with this new #toner we have in store for you!   Stay low then get ready to POP!

 Part Time Lover: Cardio

Launch Date: Friday July 13th, 2018
Original BPM: 95
Magic Percent: 6%

Get it Poppin: Toner
Launch Date: Friday July 13th, 2018
Original BPM: 93
Magic Percent: 8%