A note from Amber and Emily

The #highfitsociety is our baby and whether you all know it or not we constantly think of you, worry about you, cheer for you, and want you all to suceed. Every decision that we make we make to help improve the business, brand, and in turn your success. We do not take decisions lightly and never make a decision to be spiteful or take away from your experience. If something appears that way it is actually quite the opposite.

Over the last couple days we have been shocked by the negativity. We are always trying to make the company better and stronger and by directing you all to the posts and assets that we provide on the blog we as corporate can improve and support you on a larger scale. Never did we expect the community that we love so dearly to turn on us so much. We are constantly trying to improve and we appreciate everyone’s feedback, our hope is as we go forward you know we are here to support and GROW TOGETHER IN RESPECT AND LOVE and we hope you will all join us in that pursuit!

With love and respect,

Amber and Emily

August 31st Launch Song!

August 31st Launch Song!


LAUNCH DATE: Friday August 31st, 2018


🎶We All Stars, We Are One🎶 and this week we will unite as we rock the #highsongoftheweek together.

Dream Team Leigh Gibney and Amber Zenith are back at it again, this time with a Martin Solveig #toner!

🎶Play it loud, we don’t care And dance like there’s nobody there🎶

With a slow and controlled lunge series mixed with a fast paced squat sequence, this track is sure to 🎶light up the night🎶 and light up your quads!!!!! 

August 24th Launch Song!

August 24th Launch Song!


LAUNCH DATE: Friday August 24th, 2018




🎶Girl look at that body I-I, I work out🎶 If you are “Sexy and I Know It”

Clap your hands because the #highsongoftheweek is coming at you Friday!!!!   LMFAO is in the house with a #cardio that’s going to up your game! With super fun moves and a Chorus that will get them werkin’ 🎶No Shoes, No Shirt and you’ll still get service🎶



Day Tripper bag is going on sale this weekend!

Starting this FRIDAY August 17th at 9:00 am and ending SUNDAY August 19th at midnight, our Day Tripper bag will be ON SALE for $50!!

You will be able to use your Instructor discount ON TOP of this sale price so don’t miss out on getting this AMAZING bag at a steal!

BONUS!!!  Get your followers in on this amazing deal by having them use your affiliate code – they get an EXTRA 10% OFF!

The instructor whose code has been used the most at the end of the sale will earn a BONUS $100 gift card for the Shop (code needs to be used on Day Tripper bag purchases to be eligible)

⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

⚡Technique Tuesday ⚡

Social Media: Video Guidelines
Social media is such a great tool and a way to show your following what High Fitness is all about and we love being able to see your videos and get a glimpse into your class! We have noticed that since Instagram started allowing longer videos to be shared, the guidelines we have set as a company have been treated more lax. We wanted to quickly remind you of the rules and why they’re in place!
Length of video:
Keep your post UNDER 20 seconds – this is not only to protect our choreography but to protect your business. Due to music copyright laws, you are legally not supposed to use copyrighted material for longer than this amount of time and we don’t want anyone to find themselves in a legal situation.
Maximum of 2 moves – do not use more than 2 moves in a video you post, not only have you signed legal documents at your training, but you also want to protect the choreography you are paying for each month!
When you post videos, you want to make sure you and your participants are following the moves correctly and have proper form.  Please don’t post clips if your participants are not following along with the correct moves or look like they are going to get hurt doing the workout with bad technique
When you post, it represents you as a teacher and the business as a whole – please make sure the quality reflects that!
We will be monitoring social media closer and will ask you to remove videos posted going forward that exceed 20 seconds/2moves.  We will also be honoring the rule from the Corporate/Guru team.
Video’s have a strong impact on your followers, they show your energy, atmosphere and how inspirational and fun HIGH is for everyone. We hope that these guidelines will clear up any questions you might have.