A note from Amber and Emily

The #highfitsociety is our baby and whether you all know it or not we constantly think of you, worry about you, cheer for you, and want you all to suceed. Every decision that we make we make to help improve the business, brand, and in turn your success. We do not take decisions lightly and never make a decision to be spiteful or take away from your experience. If something appears that way it is actually quite the opposite.

Over the last couple days we have been shocked by the negativity. We are always trying to make the company better and stronger and by directing you all to the posts and assets that we provide on the blog we as corporate can improve and support you on a larger scale. Never did we expect the community that we love so dearly to turn on us so much. We are constantly trying to improve and we appreciate everyone’s feedback, our hope is as we go forward you know we are here to support and GROW TOGETHER IN RESPECT AND LOVE and we hope you will all join us in that pursuit!

With love and respect,

Amber and Emily