THEY ARE BACK – The tracks that were pulled a couple of months ago are getting put in the library, better than ever! Everything will be back where it belongs by 9am Sunday October 6th!

Thank you for your patience as we have REVAMPED and REWORKED a few of the older HIGH fitness tracks so they are better than ever, and fully align with the HIGH Fitness formula.

We understand that many of these tracks have been on your playlist since the beginning of time, and adjusting to change is always a learning curve. Please trust us in knowing that by directly aligning with the HIGH formula, these changes will benefit YOU by turning up the results and success of your classes!

Below is a cheat sheet to remind you of the tracks that were pulled and online the changes that were made. Please review and look for these changes while watching the new videos! Some changes are very minor while others are more significant.

Thank you for being respectful by following the choreography 100% and making these changes together as a #highfitsociety

UMA THURMAN (Cardio) : Change on the bridge – burpees removed to make it a true cardio (no cardio tracks in HIGH will have burpees, those will be saved for Cardio push tracks) don’t think it made it any easier, it is still just as challenging!

POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME (Toner) : Minor change made on chorus. Reach right arm across body (to follow HIGH rules) remainder of track stays the same.

KRISS KROSS JUMP JUMP (Cardio Push) : Lots of changes made to this track to make it a true Cardio Push! Please watch for two new moves as well as a new bridge move.

SALUTE (Cardio Push) : Change to the bridge to make it a true Cardio Push.

VICTORIOUS (Cardio Push) : Notice that this song is a Cardio Pushnot a Cardio anymore. One move change and leaving in the burpees takes this cardio to a whole new level and we know you will love it.

HIGHER (Cardio) : New bridge move.

WHAT YOU WAITING FOR (Party) : Watch for changes to clean up the choreography and a new bridge. 

BEAT IT (Cardio Push) : New bridge move.

We are so excited for you to start rocking these changes in your classes – add them as soon as you would like! Remember your cueing skills, and your classes will adapt perfectly. Let them know to be on their toes and watch to see if they can identify the changes!