Song Launch Nov 29th!

Song Launch Nov 29th!


LAUNCH DATE: Friday November 29, 2019

We could not love this track more …. Girls will be Girls alright and this #highsongoftheweek will end your sweat session on a HIGH note if we ever saw one!! This par-tayyy choreo has all the feels. Finish your class with this one and we guarantee your participants coming back for more!! 🎶Girls will be girls Make the sidewalk your runway Work, work, work it, oh Girls will be girls Out here, running this world Better watch it Girls will be girls Girls will be girls Girls will be girls Girls will be girls🎶

Winter Holiday Tracks| December is almost here!

Winter Holiday Tracks| December is almost here!

It’s that time of year…so lets talk


With December fast approaching, we know many of you are anxious to hear when winter holiday tracks will be released!
As instructors, we always want to consider our audience. So here are a few things to keep in mind with this approaching season: 

Not everyone celebrates during this time of year so be sure to take into consideration where and who you are teaching!

Holidays are a prime time for newbies – participants bringing friends and family from out of town, or even just people they’ve finally convinced to come!!

Each class is an opportunity to make all people feel comfortable and engaged while providing a consistent HIGH Fitness experience. Look beyond the amazing crew and community you’ve already built because you never know how many NEW connections are waiting! 
Holiday songs are not mandatory!

Throwing a couple of holiday tracks into your playlist (when appropriate) can be fun and festive! If you intend to add more than 2 or 3 holiday tracks, please be sure to advertise it as a themed class.

There is a new option on the Add/Edit a Class form that allows you to add if you are doing a themed class – use it when applicable!

DECEMBER 1 – Previously released holiday tracks will be available.

DECEMBER 10 – New releases will be available.

Please email [email protected] with any questions!!

Song Launch Nov 22nd!

Song Launch Nov 22nd!


LAUNCH DATE: Friday November 22, 2019
Choreographed: Metta Semrad
Steady are you Ready ….. for this amazing toner that our Metta @fitmamametta choreographed!? This #highsongoftheweek will have you bouncing back for more each and every class! We love a good Little Mix track. 🎶Steady, are you ready? (are you ready?) What’s goin’ on? (what’s going on?) Steady, are you ready? (are you ready?) What’s goin’ on? (what’s goin’ on?)🎶
Weekly High Instructor Handbook Tip: #6 – Cueing is mandatory. It is your job to lead the class not just do the moves. We want you and your participants to have the best class possible, lead by example and use a variety of cues to direct your participants. Make sure when you are practicing the #highsongoftheweek that you are also working on your cues for the track!! We love watching you soar xx
More BURN for your BUCK!

More BURN for your BUCK!

How is it already that time of year again!? We wanted to provide you an example of a super charged 60 minute playlist! If you want to rock this playlist for your turkey burner classes, all songs will be launched (Bounce back is this week)!

Song selection is key in providing an extremely intense HIGH workout, not adding time to your playlist.  Our max format is a 60 minute class, we guarantee that your participants will be sweating for days if you rock a playlist like the one below!

Hello …. sweaty blast for shizzle!!!