LAUNCH DATE: Friday November 15, 2019
La ROUX La ROCKS, we could not be more excited about this cardio track. This #highsongoftheweek is super charged, full of new directional changes, has great energy and good vibes! You might feel invincible with this bulletproof track! Amber choreographed this number with some major inspo from @highfitnessjodee and @highfitguy!!

🎶This time, baby, I’ll be Bulletproof

This time, baby, I’ll be Bulletproof🎶

Weekly High Instructor Handbook Tip: We have set up the HIGH Instructor handbook not to limit your fun or creativity, but to guide you to SOAR!! Please ensure that you are reviewing the handbook, these are HIGH Fitness non-negotiables. Weekly, we will be including one guideline on the blog to review.   The Instructor Handbook is located, on the Logos & Promotional Materials section (excerpt below).

Drop the MIC – #5 – No mics are to be used in HIGH Fitness. No Exception.  There are numerous reasons behind this rule; technical nightmare, engagement factor with your participants, level of our instructional intensity, and providing a consistent HIGH experience across the board in each and every class.  We want to continue to separate our fitness format from others, so drop the mic and have some fun!