2020 we see you!  2019 has been an amazing year of connection, transition and growth. With a clear vision, we are moving into the next decade of HIGH fitness. Are you ready??!!

Whether a participant, an instructor, a venue, or a follower, every single one of YOU put the I in H⚡️GH.  You are the spark, the energy, and the love. Without all of your passion, our vision would simply be a dream.  We want each and every one of you to know that we could not be more grateful for you. We want you to engrain in your soul the belief that you are the spark that drives HIGH fitness, and that you play a very important role in this company.  You are helping us change the face of fitness, and together we are changing people’s lives!  Someday we will live in a world where all shapes and sizes are celebrated, where fitness is inclusive and fun, and where every person feels like the 12 that they are. We will never stop pursuing this goal.    

This year we are all going to become our own hype girls/guys.  We are going to find a humble confidence and an unstoppable belief in ourselves that we are capable of anything.  Others opinions won’t matter, and we will promise to never let fear and insecurity win.  YOU are amazing, this community is incredible, and this is only just the beginning.