SOTW | Learn it LIVE tonight!

The Song of the Week will be up tonight….

Learn It LIVE!
How awesome would it be to learn the song of the week LIVE with MUSIC?

With the launch of our live streamed classes, we saw an opportunity to support our instructor team. We still can’t post/host videos with music on our site (for extended periods of time), but we CAN live stream to help you learn!

For the FIRST time TONIGHT, we will be streaming a full video of It’s Not Right (song of the week launching tomorrow) – with music, cueing examples, and little extra instruction!

The live will start at 7:30 pm MDT (Utah/Calgary Time) and will be up until 8:30 pm MDT.

Tune in and learn the goods from Emily herself!!

Here’s how it works:

1. The stream will go live at 7:30 pm MDT.
2. It is a password protected portal for INSTRUCTORS ONLY on our streaming site.
3. The video will remain available until 8:30 pm MDT at which point we have to remove it.

Password: HighSOTW

Song Launch April 10th!

Song Launch April 10th!


LAUNCH DATE: Friday April 10, 2020
The Queens Emily + Amber outdid themselves with this unstoppable #highsongoftheweek. Oh yah, we know when this classic Whitney song hits your High Fitness playlist you are going to have all the feels! It is true …. Its not right but its okay! Get ready for some new fabulous moves in this #cardio!
🎶It’s not right but it’s okay I’m gonna make it anyway Pack your bags up and leave And don’t you dare come running back to me🎶

Song Launch April 3rd!

Song Launch April 3rd!


LAUNCH DATE: Friday April 3, 2020
We are obsessed with this #highsongoftheweek and especially the amazing artist, Brooke White! If you can believe she is a HIGH participant, in California!!  This ab track is so good, and such a burner …..  it might just have you shaking in your boots!

LIVE Stream Classes

We are going live! The FIRST LIVE class is THIS Saturday at 8am MST!!

You should have received an email this morning with clarification on the live streaming we will be doing on the website. We realized after sending that we missed adding the time zone!! So here are a few reminders, and if you didn’t get the email please email [email protected] to fix that.

  • As an instructor you will not need to register (if you already did, no worries) – a tab will be added to the instructor portal drop down menu once the portal is available. All you need to do is login and navigate there
  • If you have participants interested in registering, there will be a registration link on the website, or they can get it from our social media accounts
  • ALL Live classes will be in MST (Utah or Calgary time for reference)
  • They will be streamed on our website, these are not interactive like a Zoom chat but will be using special software for the website. Additional music licenses were purchased for these classes.
  • SCHEDULE: Saturday 8am; Tuesday 12pm; Tuesday 8pm (same class as noon); Thursday 9:30am
  • The classes will not be available on demand after the fact

If you have any further questions, let us know!

Song Launch March 27th!

Song Launch March 27th!


LAUNCH DATE: Friday March 27, 2020
CHOREOGRAPHED by: Amber + Leigh
Don’t Start Now …. As SOON as we heard this amazing Duo Lipa song we knew it had to be a rad High Fitness #cardio track! Amber @amberzenith and Leigh @high.leigh had the best time choreographing  this super charged upbeat track! You are going to have the best time when this #highsongoftheweek hits your playlist!

🎶Don’t show up, don’t come out Don’t start caring about me now

Walk away, you know how Don’t start caring about me now🎶