Old School NEW Promo video is available!

Hello team!

We are so excited that The Old School NEW Promo is now posted under Logos and Promotional Materials on the Instructor portal.  We updated the description of the video to the following.

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The 80’s called and said “Put your leotards and leg warmers on because AEROBICS IS BACK!”

Word to your mama that we took old school aerobics and made it BIGGER, BETTER, HIGHER.


It’s a group exercise format. Simple, intense, consistent, inclusive and fun, HIGH gets participants addicted and coming back for more!  HIGH has taken old school aerobics to the next level with modern fitness techniques such as HIIT training, Plyometrics and more!  You can go HIGH or you can go low but you will always leave feeling HIGH!

Have you been to HIGH Fitness? Tell us how you found your HIGH. 

*Leotards and leg warmers optional

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HIGH Instructor Convention Agenda is now LIVE!

HIGH Instructor Convention Agenda is now LIVE!

The 2019 HIGH Fitness Instructor Convention is rapidly approaching, and we can assure you this will be a weekend you DO NOT want to miss! 

The FULL Convention Agenda is now LIVE!

As you may have heard, we are excited to offer AFAA/NASM CEUs for attending the instructor convention. 11 AFAA and 1.1 NASM credits

If you are certified through another governing body, you are able to petition for credits based on what we were approved for through AFAA/NASM. (ACE, CanFitPro, AFLCA, etc.).