Please remember to update your classes on the website any time there is a change – whether it is a time change, cancelled class for the week, location change, etc., etc.

You’ve heard this message numerous times, and we are still getting feedback from frustrated participants that are showing up only to find out a class has been cancelled.

It may seem like an annoyance, and you may think that because you’ve updated social media you are covered but tons of participants use the website as their sole source of info regarding classes. Also, if someone new decides to check your class out they won’t know because they likely aren’t following you yet!!

If you are having any issues with how to do this or your classes not showing up to edit, please email [email protected] and we will quickly get you set.

Thank you!! ❤⚡❤

Time to Raise the “Barre”

Time to Raise the “Barre”

barre-photoYour Playlists are about to get even HIGHer! (actually Deeper)

Starting November 1st, an exciting new category is being added to our library…”Barre”. These Barre/Ballet inspired songs will be placed in Song 11 on your playlist, after the Cardio Push. Barre songs will now be PART OF THE FORMAT and incorporated into EVERY playlist. Unlike Cardio Push songs, Barre songs are ONLY ever done Song 11 and NO WHERE else. Existing songs that become Barre songs are no longer placed as Toners because there is a definite distinction between the feel of a Toning track compared to a Barre track.

The HIGH Fitness format has been an evolution, and this addition to the format is no exception…as Barre inspired songs surfaced (Cheap Thrills, Lean on, Sweet Escape, Octahate), the natural progression for both Emily and Amber was to place them after the Cardio Push. We love the feeling of the HIGH and then the burn so much that we wanted to share it with you all and officially make it part of the format! Please make this change to your playlist effective immediately!

We hope you love this addition to the format as much as we do!

clap-snap-coverLaunching FRIDAY! With perfect timing, Barre Track “Clap Snap” inspired by Guru Leslie Hansen, will be rocking your playlists! The beat is so catchy you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with the song and its moves!  MAKE SURE TO CAREFULLY WATCH THE VIDEO, we have added some extra spice to a couple of the moves and we want you to have these extras down when you do it!

Always placed track 11, your participants will now have another reason to get excited about when the cardio push is over!

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