Song Launch Feb 15!

Song Launch Feb 15!

Tip Toe: Barre
Launch Date: February 15, 2019
Original BPM: 98
Magic Percent: 2%
Choreographed by: Metta Semrad

Hold tight for it…the #songoftheweek has it all! Metta has done it again! This barre track is full of sass, effective movements, and is super fun!

🎶 Hold tight when you tiptoe
Shake something when you tiptoe
Don’t brace when you push that back
Left, right do it just like that
Hold tight when you tiptoe 🎶

June 29th Launch Song!

June 29th Launch Song!

Bootylicious: BARRE

Launch Date: Friday June 29, 2018
Original BPM: 99
Magic Percent: 2%


I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, but get ready because the #highsongoftheweek is going to be good!

The day has come and all your dreams are coming true because “Bootylicious” is finally a HIGH track!

🎶Kelly, can you handle this?

Michelle, can you handle this?

Beyoncé, can you handle this?

I don’t think they can handle this!🎶

Put on your heels and get ready because Destinys Child is going to rock your world!   Sassy and oh so fun, this #barretrack is going to have you loving every one of your curves so get ready to flaunt what you got!  🙌🏻

October 20th Launch Song!

October 20th Launch Song!

?First things first?….

If you have ever had doubts about a ⚡️Barre Track⚡️ come Friday we will definitly ?Make you a “Believer”, Believer?

Inspired by Kalli Rieck & Jacquelyn Watson, the Imagine Dragons are in the house and you are guaranteed to feel the burn ?with this #highsongoftheweek! Slow controlled movements are key in this track, wide or narrow……
?You break me down, you build me up, believer, believer?

July 28th Launch Song!

July 28th Launch Song!

Short, sweet and FUN with a beat you can’t resist! No need to ?Say a little prayer? you can just ?Call On Me? for the most fun ⚡Barre Track⚡, launching this week!

Get ready to get down ? and get down ⬇ to feel the burn because this #highsongoftheweek will have you doing both! Don’t forget to elongate those legs and point those toes to get the full effect of this #barre track!



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If you think you are frustrated we are double that and are working it out as soon as possible and taking precautions so it does not happen again.

Thanks for being understanding and giving us your patience as we work out the demands of a growing website.



June 9th Launch Song!

June 9th Launch Song!

?And so, they keep on twiddlin’ them thumbs Skiddly-dee-da-dum?

You won’t be twiddling your “Thumbs” once you get your hands on this weeks’ Sabrina Carpenter #barre #highsongoftheweek! You will squat, walk and airplane your way to working those tiny muscles!

Unlike most tracks, use the formula to guide you instead of the lyrics! The formula is straight forward so just ignore those words unless you are singing them of course!

?Cause that’s just the way of the world. It never ends till the end, then you start again?

Keep it secret until Friday!