Song Launch July 26th!

Song Launch July 26th!

LAUNCH DATE: Friday July 26, 2019

🎶My-my-my-my music makes me so hard makes me say oh my Lord

Thank you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and two hype feet🎶

Time to break out the MC Hammer Moves (and pants if you got them!). Get ready to throw it down like it was 1990 with this nostalgic track! Leslie absolutely killed this #songoftheweek, so fun, and yet so so hard! You can’t and you won’t touch this weeks cardio push!

Song Launch May 3rd!

Song Launch May 3rd!

When I Grow Up: Cardio Push

Launch Date: May 3, 2019
Original BPM: 93
Magic Percent: 8%
🎶Be careful what you wish for cuz you might just get it 🎶.  Well, we heard what you wished for and this weeks cardio push has arrived!  You will be purring like a Pussy Cat for the #highsongoftheweek! Time to bring out the energy, dig deep and get ready to push the limits. The formula is simple, effective and ohhhhhhhh so fun!


🎶When I grow up I wanna be famous

I wanna be a star I wanna be in movies

When I grow up I wanna see the world

Drive nice cars I wanna have groupies🎶

When I grow up I wanna be a HIGH instructor!!!!!


Song Launch March 29th!

Song Launch March 29th!

Livin’ On a Prayer: Cardio Push

Launch Date: March 29, 2019

Original BPM: 90
Magic Percent: 11%
Choreographed By: Metta Semrad


Bon Jovi is hitting your class for the first time with an #cardiopush that is next level! Can you say burpees, star jumps, high knees and oh-oh so much more!  You will be splitting your class down the middle and rocking like it was 1986. Metta out did her self with this #highsongoftheweek 🙌🏼! 

🎶Woah, we’re half way there Woah, livin’ on a prayer

Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear Woah, livin’ on a prayer

Livin’ on a prayer🎶

May 18th Launch Song!

May 18th Launch Song!


Launch Date: Friday May 18th, 2018
Original BPM: 95
Magic Percent: 6%

🎶Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years, I’m rocking my peers🎶

LLCool J is hitting your playlists for the first time with an Epic #cardiopush track!

The formula is consistent but the amount you do the moves isn’t so read those notes and get to know this song like the back of you hand!  Speaking of hand or more like fist, it’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” that will be rocking out to!

There’s No Burpees in this one but don’t you worry, this track is as grueling as it is fun!  Punches, jump throws and it’s all done in a circle!!!!!   Oh and did we mention the Bridge?  Can you say Freestyle?! 

 🎶Gangster Boogie, Gangster Boogie 🎶