Song Launch May 3rd!

Song Launch May 3rd!

When I Grow Up: Cardio Push

Launch Date: May 3, 2019
Original BPM: 93
Magic Percent: 8%
🎶Be careful what you wish for cuz you might just get it 🎶.  Well, we heard what you wished for and this weeks cardio push has arrived!  You will be purring like a Pussy Cat for the #highsongoftheweek! Time to bring out the energy, dig deep and get ready to push the limits. The formula is simple, effective and ohhhhhhhh so fun!


🎶When I grow up I wanna be famous

I wanna be a star I wanna be in movies

When I grow up I wanna see the world

Drive nice cars I wanna have groupies🎶

When I grow up I wanna be a HIGH instructor!!!!!


Song Launch March 29th!

Song Launch March 29th!

Livin’ On a Prayer: Cardio Push

Launch Date: March 29, 2019

Original BPM: 90
Magic Percent: 11%
Choreographed By: Metta Semrad


Bon Jovi is hitting your class for the first time with an #cardiopush that is next level! Can you say burpees, star jumps, high knees and oh-oh so much more!  You will be splitting your class down the middle and rocking like it was 1986. Metta out did her self with this #highsongoftheweek 🙌🏼! 

🎶Woah, we’re half way there Woah, livin’ on a prayer

Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear Woah, livin’ on a prayer

Livin’ on a prayer🎶