Song Launch Feb 22!

Song Launch Feb 22!

Stand Out: Cardio

Launch Date: February 22, 2019

Original BPM: 96

Magic Percent: 4%

Choreography by: McCall Tycksen

This #highsongoftheweek will have you feeling all the love and memories of your past! McCall has mastered the perfect combination of movements along with music for this nostalgic track.  Are you ready to STAND OUT above the crowd!?

🎶To stand out 

Above the crowd

Even if I gotta shout out loud

‘Til mine is the only face you see

Gonna stand out ’til you notice 🎶

Song Launch Feb 8th!

Song Launch Feb 8th!

I Like, I Love it: Cardio

Launch Date: February 8, 2019
Original BPM: 84
Magic Percent: 16%
Choreographed By: McKelle Boyer

You don’t have to like country to LOVE this Tim McGraw #cardio.  We all need a little more yeehaw in our lives and “I like it I love it” delivers! Giddy up and get ready to get down with this fun western track.

Song Launch Jan 4th!

Song Launch Jan 4th!

LIFE: Cardio

LAUNCH DATE: Friday, January 4, 2019

First song of 2019 is special one and we are beyond proud of this launch!
Not only is this a uplifting #cardio track that is going to get you and your participants pumped up, but is also the soundtrack to our new HIGH Fitness commercial that will be launching in the Spring 2019 🙌🏼!  Put this one on your playlist often, play it loud, and be inspired! When the commercial is released we want your participants to know and love it as much as we do.
🎶I’m gonna live the good life
Beautiful and glorious life
So if y’all know what I mean
Put your hands up and declare with me, yeah
Love in full effect, chaim🎶
August 24th Launch Song!

August 24th Launch Song!


LAUNCH DATE: Friday August 24th, 2018




🎶Girl look at that body I-I, I work out🎶 If you are “Sexy and I Know It”

Clap your hands because the #highsongoftheweek is coming at you Friday!!!!   LMFAO is in the house with a #cardio that’s going to up your game! With super fun moves and a Chorus that will get them werkin’ 🎶No Shoes, No Shirt and you’ll still get service🎶

Get Your Shine On ✌🏻August 3rd Launch Songs!

Get Your Shine On ✌🏻August 3rd Launch Songs!

A good fun #cardio is like gold!  We couldn’t possibly have a 70s summer without launching some ABBA and “Does Your Mother Know” is the perfect pop throwback for your playlists!  Pair it up with a Destinys Child #abtrack and they will “Say My Name” by the end of class!
Launch Date: Friday August 3, 2018
Orignal BPM: 88
Magic Percent: 14%
Launch Date: Friday August 3, 2018
Orignal BPM: 100
Magic Percent: 0%
June 1st Launch Song!

June 1st Launch Song!


Launch Date: Friday June 1st, 2018
Original BPM: 86
Magic Percent:17%

🎶Your Butt is Mine🎶 so get ready, because  “Bad” is the #highsongoftheweek and you know its going to be a Good one!!!!  As soon as this iconic song comes on, your participants are going to go wild for Micheal just like Pepsi did in the 80s!

🎶Well they say the sky’s the limit  And to me that’s really true But my friend you have seen nothin’ Just wait ’til I get through🎶

This is the one case when Bad is good! This strong and fun #cardio Is going to be a real crowd pleaser if you follow moves to perfection and we have no doubt you will!

We just have one question for you: Who’s Bad?