October 6th Launch Song!

October 6th Launch Song!

Are you ready to ?PARTY?!?!?!?! Because a ⚡️PARTY TRACK⚡️

?PARTY? is about to go down!!!

You will be getting not one but 2 party tracks this week to end your classes on a H⚡️GH!

Option 1:

?Grab somebody, tell them, Baby, baby, baby, let’s Go?

Make it “BOUNCE”
Make it bounce
Make it bounce
Shake it, break it, make it bounce!

Iggy Azalea “Bounce” comes in a clean version and this short and oh so sweet! This fast paced #highsongoftheweek will have them Singin’
?Time to party, that’s all I know?


?Follow my simple “INSTRUCTION”? and you will be ROCKING our latest and greatest ⚡️Party Track⚡️by Jax Jones!

?All My Ladies
Wind to the left, sway to the right
Drop it down low and take it up H⚡️GH?

***This track does NOT come in a clean version unless you buy the album. The swear is hard to hear however because of this we are posting “BOUNCE” too!

July 14th Launch Song!

July 14th Launch Song!

You may not have to walk 500 miles, but you do have to wait until Friday for “I’m Gonna Be” to launch!

A PARTY TRACK, yes! Easy, no! The #highsongoftheweek will end your classes with them falling down at your door!

Practice your karaoke because the Proclaimers are in the house with this throwback that will have your participants singing along while they leap for joy!

May 26th Launch Song!

May 26th Launch Song!

This week’s #partytrack will be the cherry on your ?Cake? because you are about to end your class on a sugar H⚡GH!

? everybody inside sipping on a good time ? Ricki Smith has done it again with this short and ?sweet? throw down that has simple moves and countless fun! Your participants will be so happy they stayed for the ?Cake?

Don’t post until Friday!

E + A

March 17th Launch Track & New Song Category!

March 17th Launch Track & New Song Category!

?⚡Party Track⚡ is in the house tonight everybody’s going to have a good time!? This week’s Launch isn’t just a #songoftheweek, we are launching an entirely new category as well! “The Party Rock Anthem” will be hitting your playlists ⚡FRIDAY⚡ right in time for the release of our ⚡PARTY TRACK⚡!  Always done and only done Song #15 before ABS, this new category is designed to crank up the fun and take down the intensity. These tracks are more playful, choreographed and fun, leaving your participants remembering the fun and not the burpees! We are so excited for this new category and track!

? We just want to see you……. Shake That! ?