Song Launch August 16th!

Song Launch August 16th!


LAUNCH DATE: Friday August 16, 2019

🎶This right here is my type of party🎶 is right!  Five more days till Five More Hours hits your playlist and you are in for one heck of a #highsongoftheweek! This track is guaranteed to kick off your class in High Style!

🎶Five more hours, we’re just getting started This right here is my type of party Five more hours, we’re just getting started 🎶

Song Launch June 7th!

Song Launch June 7th!


Launch Date:  June 7, 2019

Original BPM: 84
Magic Percent: 19%

Can you say AEROBICS is BACK bigger, better HIGHER! This nostalgic track will start your class with all the aerobics feels! Channel your inner Olivia Newton John, get your leg warmers out for this week’s new fabulous #warmup.  Let me hear your body talk alright …. Let’s get physical!!

🎶Let’s get physical, physical I wanna get physical

Let’s get into physical Let me hear your body talk, your body talk

Let me hear your body talk 🎶

Song Launch March 15th!

Song Launch March 15th!

Only Girl (In the World): Warmup

Launch Date: March 15, 2019

Original BPM: 85
Magic Percent: 18%

There is nothing like a RiRi track to kick start your class into high gear! Trust us when we say not “only girls” will be rocking to this cool new #warmup! You and your participants will be moving & grooving in all directions with fun moves and a simple formula! Your #highsongoftheweek is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, so play it LOUD and have a blast 🎶Only a girl Knows how a girl feels Only a girl Can make me feel this way It’s getting better, nothing like two girls sticking together Only a girl Can make me say make me say🎶