How do I know which trainings are available to attend?
Head to the SHOP then TRAININGS portion of the website to see a list of all current and listed trainings available to attend. You can stay up to date of all available trainings through our website and social media channels. You can visit the INSTRUCT portion of the website to learn more about becoming a HIGH instructor.
How do I host a training in my area?
Please send an email to [email protected] to request or set up a training in your area. You must have at least 10 participants and a studio or location to facilitate the training.
How do I find a class in my area?
Head to the FIND A CLASS  section of the website where you can search by City, Instructor or facility.
How do I attend a High Fitness Class?
The majority of HIGH Fitness classes are on a drop-in basis. Instructors run their classes individually or through a gym so prices vary. No need to register ahead, show up in supportive sneakers and water ready to sign in and have a sweaty blast. Typically all locations are “First Time Free” (if it is a class held in a gym, check with their policies beforehand).
How do I pay for/purchase a class as a participant?
HIGH fitness classes are run and operated by various locations and instructors independently. Rates vary depending on location and instructor. Go to ”FIND A CLASS” and filter according to the location/facility/instructor you are looking for. The rates and contact information of that particular operator will be provided.