High School

Becoming a high_tacherPage instructor is easy as 1..2..3

1. Sign up to attend a one-day training session in a city near you.


To become a certified HIGH Fitness instructor you will attend a full one-day training that costs $250usd!

During the training, you will learn everything you need to know about teaching a HIGH Fitness class. You will learn tips, tricks and ideas to support you not only in becoming a successful HIGH instructor but running a successful HIGH business. Whether you are renting space  or teaching at a gym, you will be more than prepared to take on your new role as a HIGH Fitness Instructor!


2. Complete the training and sign up for your Instructor Membership.

At the end of your training day, your Trainer will evaluate your skills to determine one of two options:

1) Full Instructor – if your evaluation determines you are ready to teach right away AND you’ve signed up for your Instructor Membership, you will be given access to all of the choreography in our instructor library as well as each new song that is launched on a weekly basis. This access is provided through your login to our website. amber_teacher2

2) Video submission request – if your evaluation determines that you would benefit from some extra feedback and support to hone your skills, you will be requested to submit video of yourself mock teaching. Your Instructor Membership will provide you with access to the HIGH School songs/choreography so you can practice before submitting. This access is also provided through your login to our website. Once you take the next step into full instructor, you will automatically gain access to the rest of the choreography library.

**For more information on the evaluation process see Taking you HIGHer

The ongoing monthly Instructor Membership fee for EITHER option is $30 USD. Access to all HIGH print materials (punch cards, business card templates, waivers, sign in sheets, etc.), use of the logo, and use of the HIGH Fitness name are also included.



3. The three tools for learning choreography:

emily_teacher11.  Specific and detailed notes

2.  An instructional video that walks you through the moves step-by -step

3.  A full choreography of the routine done in its entirety but with no music (This is due to music licensing laws).

These three tools have proven successful as an effective way for our instructors to learn and teach all the choreography 100% correct.

Due to all music laws and rights, you are required to purchase all your music for classes via iTunes or any other legal download.

4. Taking you HIGHer

We have very HIGH expectations of our instructors to deliver HIGH Fitness classes to the level our participants have grown to expect. With lots of hard work and dedication, EVERYONE can become an amazing HIGH Fitness instructor. In order to maintain our brand, your fitness level, attitude and drive for HIGH Fitness must be top notch, and you must follow our formula 100%.  Wanting to become a HIGHjumping instructor involves a strong work ethic and the ability to be coached. In no time, you will be packing classes and getting everyone you know addicted to being fit.

During the training, we will evaluate your current skill set to determine if you are ready to teach HIGH Fitness right away, or if you are still on your way to getting there. The evaluation is marked out of /30, and in order to receive Full Instructor status we require a score of 24/30 or higher. Any score below 24 will lead to a video submission request. After taking the time to practice what you learned in the training and strengthen your skills, you will submit videos to be re-evaluated. An evaluator will work with you until 24/30 is reached. Receiving a video request is a way to elevate your teaching skills and build your confidence so that when you start teaching you are delivering HIGH Fitness to your full potential!

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