Instructor FAQ

What are the prerequisites to become a HIGH Fitness or HIGH Low instructor?

There aren’t any! Most of our instructors had no prior training experience.

Are there any other certifications needed to teach HIGH Fitness or HIGH Low?

HIGH Fitness and High Low are considered specialty formats, which means that your training will provide you with everything you need to teach. However, if you teach at a fitness facility you will want to confirm with your employer whether or not you require a general group exercise certificate.

How often is new choreography released?

Every week! We also ‘stash tracks’ on occasion – which means we add them to the library without an official launch date. Once you are a certified instructor, you will have full access to our instructor library with every track ever made, hundreds of tracks are ready for you to learn and rock!

Does HIGH Fitness provide music for every track?

No, our instructors purchase music through iTunes (or another entity that sells digital music) and download the tracks on to their device (iphone, ipod, android device, etc.). Music licensing requires that all tracks are purchased, meaning streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify are not allowed (you have not purchased the tracks, it’s more of a ‘rental’). Pirated, stolen, shared, illegally downloaded, or ripped copies of songs are not allowed.

How long does the training process take?

We have a two-step training process. Once you have completed the full training day and subscribed (activated your monthly instructor subscription payments), you will enter the video submission and/or mentoring stage of the training process. You will work with someone from our mentoring team to build on the skills you learned in training, and prepare you for your first class – 100% ready to soar! This step is done using video submissions, as our team works remotely with people from all over north America. The process, from start to finish, varies greatly in the length of time it takes. Our focus is on making sure that YOU get the best instruction and support YOU need for your journey into the instructor world. 

What is the ‘subscription’ and is it required?

What we call the subscription (or subscribing), are the licensing fees each instructor pays monthly to be considered active and certified to teach. The first month following your training date is free, and subscription is required to enter the second stage of the training and then teach classes once fully certified. You have six months following your training date to subscribe. If this six months expires and you wish to activate your subscription, you would be required to re-certify. You cannot teach without an active subscription. 

Where can I teach HIGH and HIGH Low?

HIGH and HIGH Low classes are taught at gyms, community centers, boutique gyms, dance studios, wherever! With an active instructor license, your classes become your business and you are welcome to teach anywhere you wish. There are no facility fees, the only requirement is that your instructor license is active.

What does the ‘subscription’ give me?

 –      A license to teach the HIGH and HIGH Low formats

      Access to marketing and promotional materials to help grow your business

      Business templates like sign-in sheets, punch passes, business cards, etc. 

      The ability to add all of your upcoming classes to the ‘find a class’ search, where thousands of people are looking for classes every day! 

      Access to the HIGH Fitness livestream classes for the operating cost of a $2/month

      Apparel discounts

      The opportunity to earn commission through our affiliate program

      And so much more!

Can I put my subscription on hold or cancel it?

Yes, you can do this at any time! Subscriptions run on a month-to-month basis and can be put on hold for a minimum of two months and up to 12 months (with appropriate notice). Subscriptions can also be cancelled at any time, again with appropriate notice. 

*Please note that activating a cancelled subscription requires re-certifying. 

How do I certify in both formats?

If you take the full HIGH Fitness training, and once you’ve completed both steps of the process, you will have access to a self-study HIGH Low module to add the second format to your repertoire.

If you take the full HIGH Low training, once you’ve completed both steps of the process, you have access to complete a self-study HIGH Fitness module.

How does the virtual training work?

Our virtual training option is there for instructors who do not have in-person trainings in their region or prefer to train virtually. This gives you the opportunity to start your journey from anywhere in North America. Similar to the in-person training option, our virtual training is a LIVE, full day event. Our training team will provide you with live, in depth instruction via a Zoom webinar. This is not an independent study modality, you will still need to commit to a full training day – but from the comfort of your own home!

You will need a clear schedule and room to move. Ideally, we suggest you use a computer or tablet device (a phone can also be used), and reliable internet.

Following your virtual training day you will continue with the second step of the training process just as you would with an in-person training.  


Space is limited, sign up today for an in-person training near you! Select cities only.

No training near you? Sign up for a Virtual Instructor Training Session

Get ready for an action-packed day where you’ll learn the building blocks for success as a HIGH Fitness instructor! Once you’ve completed the full one-day training you will work closely with our mentoring team to complete the second step of the process and get ready to SOAR! 

*Once registered, you will receive additional information from your HIGH trainer.

**Canadian prices include GST

***Cancellations will be subject to a $30 processing fee; no refunds will be provided within 7 days of training date. Transfers are accepted, as per terms and conditions of the agreement. 


No in-person training near you? No problem! 

Virtual training sessions run from 9:30AM – 5:00PM (MT) on the days posted. Full attendance is required to become certified. 


  1.     Two weeks prior to training you will receive an introduction email with more information and resources you will need for training day
  2.     One week prior you will gain access to our Virtual Training Portal with additional materials for pre-training study 
  3.     The Virtual Training Day session will run from 9:30AM – 5:00PM (MST) and will be delivered through a webinar format


  1.     Reliable Internet access, chargers / power cords
  2.     A device to watch the sessions, preferably one that you can share video of yourself on (laptop, desktop), and a device to stream music from (could be the same device you watch from or another one like a mobile, tablet, etc)
  3.     A quiet, uninterrupted space with enough room to move around 
  4.     Notebook, water and snacks
  5.     Your great attitude and ambition! 
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