LIVE Streaming Registration

Join us for some live streamed HIGH Fitness classes! Please register below to gain access to the private streaming portal, and be sure to read the Terms and Conditions. These will be streamed LIVE ONLY, they will not be available for viewing after the fact.


LIVE Stream Schedule:
8am Saturday
12pm (noon) Tuesday
8pm Tuesday (same class as the noon stream)
9:30am Thursday
* All classes are Mountain Daylight Time (Utah USA/Alberta Canada)
NOTE: The email with the link does not go out automatically, our team sends batches every couple hours. As long as you have registered at least 1.5 hours prior to the event you want to attend you will receive an email in time.
DOUBLE CHECK your email address before hitting submit as we receive a high number of incorrect emails!!

Check out your local instructor for other Zoom streamed class times!


Recording or duplication of the content in any capacity is not allowed.


Live stream registration