Our Gurus

GURU | Certified Fitness Professional. Coach. Instructor Mentor. HIGH Fitness Trainer.
Cheerleader & Ambassador.

Davis County | North Salt Lake | Downtown SLC

Leslie loves teaching High Fitness and is thrilled to continue using her 30 years of experience in dance and choreography as a HIGH fitness Guru. Leslie is a master at making up and polishing fun HIGH Fitness routines.

Leslie has trained in Los Angeles and New York, coached the Bountiful Mandonelles, started the Jazz program at Creative Arts Acadamy, been a UHSAA judge and has choreographed many award winning routines for drill teams. Leslie’s love for HIGH, people and choreography makes her the perfect fit to be a HIGH Fitness Guru!

Leslie is the proud wife of Mark, mother of 4 amazing boys, Cameron, Caden, Conner and Brock and an adored High School English teacher.


Bachelor of Arts University of Utah

Janay Wilson

Janay Wilson

United States | Canada

HIGH is Janay’s self-proclaimed “soul workout”, her first class stole her heart and she has been loving every minute ever since. Janay has a passion for helping people, and advocating healthy eating/exercise habits.

She grew up dancing, is a former counselor/social worker, has 10 years teaching experience, and is a lover of group exercise. Janay’s relatability and ability to mentor and inspire people makes her the perfect HIGH Guru!

Janay is married with two young daughters.


Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Regina

AFLCA Group Exercise Certified

Southern Utah County – St. George | Las Vegas

Metta has always had a love for all things health and fitness related. She danced competitively throughout her life and upon attending her first HIGH Fitness class knew there was no turning back.
Metta was among the first HIGH Instructor graduates and has choreographed many of the favorite tracks in the HIGH repertoire.
Her love for fun, fitness and HIGH combined with her talent at choreographing simple and effective routines makes it a no brainer that she is a HIGH Fitness Guru!
Metta has been married to her incredibly supportive husband Clair for 7 years and they have two energetic High fitness instructors in the making, Charlotte and Lola.

Bachelor in Public Health
AFAA Certified

Northern Utah County – Provo

Group Exercise Lover, Triathlete, Coach, Black Belt holder and former captain of the cheerleading team, Ricki’s success teaching HIGH was obvious to happen from the beginning. Ricki’s love for group fitness began in college and has escalated with the addition of HIGH Fitness.
Ricki’s ability to motivate and push people to work hard coupled with her ability to teach HIGH with the passion and intensity that she projects, makes her an ideal HIGH Fitness Guru!
Ricki has been married to her husband, Tyler, for ten years and they have three beautiful kids: Hadyn, Diesel, and Krosby.

Bachelor in Exercise Science with Minor in Business from BYU
AFAA Certified

Northern Davis County | Ogden | Logan

Shannon Bonnemort was a competitive athlete and dancer all of her life.
She is a food enthusiast that loves working out and stay in shape. “HIGH has been a complete life changer for me, I love the physical challenge that I am faced with during every single class, I love how the program lifts every single person that participates and delivers so much goodness and happiness into the world”
Shannon understands that discipline and dedication are essential for fitness and success, she strives to help others believe in themselves and to understand that truly anything is possible…….  Shannon brings a contagious, energetic and competitive drive to every Class!
Shannon is the proud mother of 4 beautiful children.



Jen Stout

Jen Stout

Central and Northern California

Jen Stout played competitive soccer until college, where her love for teaching fitness began to take hold of her heart.
She originally spent time in college as the Director of a Corporate Wellness center and as a certified personal trainer. It was then that she realized her true passion was standing at the front of the class teaching.
It was nothing less than love at first sight when she found HIGH Fitness. She and former HIGH Guru, Janessa Parker, teamed up to share that “High”, with those of the Central Valley.
Her genuine love and compassion for others is contagious and Jen inspires those around her through her intense, energetic and passionate approach to teaching.
Jen has been married to her husband , Breton, for 14 years. They have four beautiful children.
When she is not teaching Sculpt or HIGH classes, she finds joy on the sidelines of her kids sports, running Ragnars, snowboarding, wake boarding, and even the continuous carpool for her children.

Bachelor’s Degree in Fitness and Wellness management, with a Business minor at BYU

Melissa Zurcher

Melissa Zurcher

Oregon | Washington

Melissa has always possessed a love of fitness. Dancing at the age of 5, she eventually became a member of the BYU Cougarette Precision Dance Team and has coached several drill teams along the way.
In 1997, Melissa began her journey in group fitness and has not stopped since. For the past 20 years she has gained recognition and a large following in the group fitness world.
As a member of the Corporate Wellness Team with ProSports Club, Melissa currently has the opportunity to create and deliver health and wellness presentations throughout Seattle.
In addition to instructing fitness, Melissa enjoys waterskiing, traveling, cooking, and most importantly spending time with her three children and husband as she keeps up with their busy schedules.
Melissa currently resides in Seattle, WA

Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, BYU
AFAA Certified.

Michelle Hennebery

Michelle Hennebery

Downtown Calgary | Southern Alberta

Michelle has always had a passion for fitness, teaching and fun. She is fortunate to have discovered HIGH Fitness as it encompasses it all!
She is a former dancer for the Calgary Roughnecks Drill Crew and the Calgary Stampeder Outriders. Michelle’s love for teaching started 12 years ago when she began teaching dance; that love has exploded through HIGH Fitness.
Coupled with her intensity and drive, Michelle’s goal for every participant is to give them the confidence to feel uplifted and energized by creating an inclusive community.
When Michelle isn’t working full-time at an oil and gas company, teaching dance or HIGH, she enjoys golfing, snowboarding and travelling with her supportive husband, Cody.

Bachelor’s of Commerce (Finance). University of Calgary.
AFLCA Group Exercise Certified.

Liz Jones

Liz Jones

Arizona | Texas

Often called the Energizer Bunny, Liz is a lover of burpees, a fan of all things hot pink, and a group exercise enthusiast. She has been working in the fitness industry for over 14 years.
When Liz found HIGH Fitness it was love at first sight and she is thrilled to share her passion with others as a HIGH Guru. The intense workout, fun music and major post class endorphins were so addictive that Liz knew she had found something right up her alley.
Liz holds several fitness certifications, has created a DVD of workouts, directed an entire corporate wellness program, and currently runs her own virtual personal training business. When Liz isn’t planning the next workout, she is busy chasing her adventurous twin toddlers around and keeping up with her spunky six year old daughter who keeps her on her toes and smiling ear to ear.

Bachelors of Health Science – BYU

Halley Seim

Halley Seim

East Salt Lake County

Halley Seim grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a HIGH Fitness pioneer!
Her passion for HIGH runs deep and she truly has a love for the participants that attend her classes. Halleys mission is to promote and inspire inner confidence and bring her participants’ potentials to light!
Always a lover of sports and fitness, it wasn’t until after Halley’s first half marathon that she pursued her new love for endurance sports.  It was during this time that she met a new friend while training: Emily Nelson!  Halley KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that she wanted to be a part of Emily and Amber’s vision and signed up and certified in THE VERY FIRST group of HIGH fitness instructors!
Halley has been sharing and spreading her love for HIGH since March of 2015, she is a certified AFAA group fitness instructor, and has had a hand in helping develop choreography used in every HIGH class.
Halley married Nate in May of 2004, and they have three beautiful children.


AFAA Group Fitness Certified

Patrice Pederson

Patrice Pedersen

West Salt Lake Valley

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”.  If you’ve ever met Patrice, you know she lives by this motto.  She’s one of the most passionate, energetic, positive, and friendly people you will ever meet.  That’s why when Patrice discovered High Fitness, she knew it was a match made in heaven and attended the very first instructor training!   Patrice loves sharing her enthusiasm and motivating others to be strong and confident as a High Fitness Instructor and Guru.
Patrice is also a NASM certified personal trainer and the owner of Core Fit Training.  Owning her own gym has given her the opportunity to daily train and inspire women for the past 5 years.  Her greatest passion is helping people become physically and mentally healthy.  There’s nothing more rewarding to her than seeing others succeed.
When Patrice isn’t cheerfully demanding more burpees and deeper squats, she’s hanging out with her awesome husband Clint and their five amazing children.


Bachelors of Science Weber State University

NASM Certified

Crystal Gelsinger

Crystal Gelsinger

Southern Calgary | Northern Alberta (Edmonton)

Crystal is a certified Master in Taekwondo, holding a fourth degree black belt in Taekwondo, and runs a successful martial arts studio with her husband Justin. She grew up dancing and singing in The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede, and was a member of the CFL Outriders cheer team.
The moment that Crystal walked out of her first HIGH class she knew that she wanted to become an instructor, as it combines her love for great music, fitness and performance!
“HIGH Fitness is my therapy, my social hour, my happy place! I truly believe in what the company stands for; Its all inclusive atmosphere, being the best version of yourself, and lifting others up.”
Crystal founded The Happy Birthday Project Society and finds that hosting charity HIGH classes is a perfect way to nurture her passion for helping others.
She is the proud mom to 3 beautiful children & 2 fur babies!


AFLCA Group Exercise Certified

Ashley Hansen

Ashley Hansen


Ashley is a Certified Life Coach providing resources and support to blended families before, during and after the divorce and custody process. Ashley discovered HIGH Fitness during her own challenging custody battle, and instantly fell in love.

 “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Ashley feels in every HIGH Fitness class (and in life), we are challenged to dig deep, find inner strength, and overcome obstacles – one more burpee, one more tuck jump, one inch lower in a squat – overcoming our limiting beliefs, and proving we are stronger than we think! HIGH Fitness connected her to a community of powerful people that uplift, inspire and encourage one another. It is seeing her participants take themselves to the next level and discover their power and inner strength that motivates Ashley and leaves her feeling grateful for each and every class she teaches.

Ashley believes that becoming a better version of yourself makes it possible to joyfully fulfill roles and responsibilities throughout all facets of life. It is the whole of these beliefs and attitudes that will make for an amazing leader in the HIGH community!

Ashley is married to her husband Matt and has three beautiful children.


AFAA Group Exercise Certified

NASM Certified Personal Trainer Certification (in progress)


McCall Tyksen

McCall Tycksen

Arizona | East Coast USA

McCall had been looking for a class that was a combination of FUN and intensity, HIGH did that and then some! She was hooked after just one class!

McCall loves the feeling of unity with everyone in the room working towards a common goal, and strongly advocates everything HIGH stands for. Especially empowering others to be the best version of themselves.

McCall graduated from UVU with a degree in Health Education and has a passion for teaching. Her previous career was as a middle school health teacher, and she coached a high school drill team. Before becoming a mom of 3 awesome kiddos, McCall was a professional ballroom/latin dancer. She traveled the world, lived on and performed aboard cruise ships – all with her dance partner and love of her life, husband Josh, Fun fact: McCall competed on Dancing with the Stars!

McCall brings an infectious energy to all that she does, creating a space that leaves anyone feeling welcome, comfortable and excited about fitness.


Bachelors in School Health Education

AFAA Group Fitness Certified

Allison Ward

Allison Ward

North Calgary | East Coast Canada

Allison has loved fitness all of her life. She is an avid tennis player and has been passionate about aerobics since she was 16. Originally from Aurora ON, Allie moved to Calgary in 2002 and fell in love with HIGH at her first Epic Class in 2016. Allie is married to an amazingly supportive husband, and is the busy mama to two active and wonderful boys.

“Finding HIGH Fitness has given me new purpose as ‘myself’ – not a wife or mom but ME!! I adore this community and everything it supports.” Allison’s supportive, loving and passionate attitude has inspired and empowered countless individuals on her HIGH journey so far.


AFLCA Certified

Joni Hayes

Joni Hayes


Joni has an insatiable need to move and groove that started early on in life. She learned to break it down during the all out dance parties at her family reunions. She is self described as driven and disciplined with a competitive nature. This has led her through years of competitive soccer, musical theatre, and ballet as well as carried her through 3 Ragnars, a Spartan Beast, a Marathon, and all the way to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

When Joni isn’t leading her classes to a sweaty state of HIGH euphoria, she’s probably getting hopped up on some other form of fitness, music or dance. She loves weightlifting, and teaches a non-competitive song and dance group for elementary aged girls in her spare time.

She has been married for 16 blissful years and is mom to 6 towheaded kiddos.


AFAA Group Fitness Certified

Bachelor’s in Organizational Development – BYU: Marriott School of Business