Are you excited to become a HIGH Fitness instructor but there’s no live training near you?!

Train virtually from the comfort of your own home!


Our VIRTUAL TRAINING option uses various learning modalities (video, self-study, live instruction, etc.) to provide you with the skills, tools and knowledge required to teach and run your own HIGH Fitness classes. The process, content and level of instruction are up to par with any of our live trainings, just delivered in a different way.

A virtual training follows our 2-step training process:

         1) A full virtual training day

         2) Completion of the video submission process

Getting trained virtually upholds the same instructor expectations in terms of quality and adherence to the format/formula.

Virtual Trainings run once a month!

The LIVE portion of each Virtual Training happens on the scheduled date you register for. Attendance for this portion of the training is mandatory!
The LIVE sessions run from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm MST


US and Canadian Residents

As with our live trainings, we require that all instructors hold a US or Canadian bank account with an address in either country. You may reside outside of North America as long as you have the above.

What to Expect:

1. You will receive an introduction email approximately two weeks prior to your training
2. You receive access to the Virtual Training Portal one week prior to the LIVE Virtual Training Date you registered for
3. You will use the materials provided on the Virtual Training Portal for pre-training self-study
4. You will attend the LIVE Virtual Training Session which is mandatory for successful completion of the training (each live session runs from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm MST)
5. The LIVE Training Session is a webinar format – you will be provided with registration/access instructions 4-5 days prior to your training date

What You’ll need:

1. Reliable internet access
2. Space to move around in the room you are using for your webinar – although different than a live training, there will be a practical learning component to the virtual experience
3. Any necessary chargers/power cords/etc.
4. Video – if you have video available on your device, please use it however it is not mandatory as long as you can clearly see and hear the presenter.
5. Device to play music on (iPhone, Android, etc.)
6. Optional: notebook, pen, snacks, etc.

Questions?! Email us at [email protected]