Are you excited to become a HIGH Fitness instructor but there’s no live training near you?!

Train virtually from the comfort of your own home!


Our VIRTUAL TRAINING option uses various learning modalities (video, self-study, live instruction, etc.) to provide you with the skills, tools and knowledge required to teach and run your own HIGH Fitness classes. The process, content and level of instruction are up to par with any of our live trainings, just delivered in a different way.

A virtual training follows our 2-step training process:

         1) A full virtual training day

         2) Completion of the video submission process

Getting trained virtually upholds the same instructor expectations in terms of quality and adherence to the format/formula.

Virtual Trainings run once a month –

Our FIRST virtual training date is Saturday September 14 2019!


US and Canadian Residents (outside of Utah)

(as with our live trainings, we do require that all instructors hold a US or Canadian bank account with an address in either country. You may reside outside of North America as long as you have the above.)

Utah Residents

With the oversaturation of instructors in many areas of Utah, it is important for us to support our current instructors as well as create opportunities for new instructors. For this reason, we will be accepting applications from Utah residents prior to registration.

Please complete the application, and we will be in touch regarding registration acceptance and next steps.