We pride ourselves on the support and training we provide our instructors. You will step into your first HIGH Fitness class, as an instructor, with: 1. Proper technique, 2. Amazing musicality, 3. An engaging presentation, 4. Incredible cueing skills, 5. Intensity to motivate and, 6. The confidence to soar! Our training gives you the skills and knowledge it takes to become a successful HIGH fitness instructor, along with the secret tips and tricks to make your classes a step above the rest. Our mentoring team will work with you for as long as you need to achieve your 6 badges, complete your training and make sure you feel ready to rock! It won’t be easy but boy will it be worth it.


The HIGH fitness formula is the key to HIGH fitness. It is how HIGH Fitness made aerobics modern and better than ever! Warm up, cardios, toners, barre, abs and arms – these tracks are set in a particular formula and order so all you have to do is plug in your favorites!  With our formula, HIGH participants know what to expect in every class; an effective and fun workout.


HIGH fitness is a pre choreographed format. All tracks are designed and created for an effective and easy to follow workout.  With our signature method of choreographing, learning tracks becomes second nature once you practice and master it.  Avoid hours spent creating routines with our tried, tested and true pre- choreographed tracks launched for you every single week. Known as the HIGH SONG OF THE WEEK, each track comes with 4 ways to learn, practice and nail the choreography. Choreography done the same by ALL instructors creates a community of consistency and collaboration for our participants. No matter where they take a class it’s the same HIGH experience!