1. Register for a training near you.

The first step in becoming a certified HIGH Fitness instructor is attending a full one-day instructor training. Each training day starts with an master class taught by one of our Gurus –  your Trainer for the day. This class gives you, and your participants, the experience of a HIGH Fitness class and kicks off the training day!

During the training, you will be provided with the basic skills, knowledge, tips, tricks, and ideas necessary to become a successful HIGH Fitness instructor and run a successful HIGH business. You will learn everything you need to know about teaching a HIGH Fitness class!

Whether you end up renting space or teaching at a gym, the learning fundamentals of this one-day training will prepare you to take on your new role as a HIGH Fitness Instructor!

REGISTER EARLY to get our Early Bird price on LIVE trainings – $250 USD or CAD!

*Early Bird pricing is available until 2 weeks prior to the training date. After the two week mark, the regular price for a training is $300 USD or CAD. Exceptions will not be made.

**Virtual Trainings are exempt from the Early Bird price option

2. Complete the training process and sign up for your Instructor Membership.

The second step in becoming a certified HIGH Fitness instructor is phase two of our instructor training process. We are committed to fully supporting our instructors in their training journey and, for that reason, we have implemented a two-step training process to make sure each individuals’ needs are met and they can soar into their classes confidently!

At the end of the training day, each participant will receive feedback from their Trainer. We train our Gurus to provide specific and constructive feedback that participants can take home with them and incorporate into their practice. This is skills based feedback that celebrates strengths and identifies skills to build.

Each participant will then take the time they need to hone their skills before submitting video of themselves mock teaching. Participants will work closely with our mentor team during the second step of the training process until they are fully prepared and confident to teach their first class. How long the mentor phase takes is very individual, and adapted for each participant.

Signing up for your Instructor Membership: In order to be considered a certified HIGH Fitness instructor AND to complete the training process, participants must sign up for their instructor membership. This is an on-going monthly fee of $30 USD or $35 (+ GST) CAD and provides you exclusive access to our website. During your mentoring phase, you will have access to choreography and notes for an entire playlist. Once your mentor phase is complete, you will have access to our entire choreography library, HIGH print materials (punch cards, posters, templates, etc.), logos, apparel discount, etc.

Should a participant choose not to sign up for the membership during their training day, they have 6 months following their training day to activate this membership. Completion of the mentor phase of the training is on hold if the instructor membership has not been activated, and website access is not granted.

*The monthly instructor membership fee is non-refundable and cannot be shared. Group rates are not available for website access. Please consult the Training Manual for further information on holds, cancellations and changes.

3. Instruct – 3 tools for learning choreography.

Step 1 and 2 are complete, now it’s time to TEACH! Your exclusive access to our website opens the doors to our choreography library, and our 3 tools for learning. These three tools have proven successful as an effective way for our instructors to learn and teach our choreography 100% correct. Each song has:

  1.  Specific and detailed notes
  2.  An instructional video that walks you through the moves step-by -step
  3.  A full choreography of the routine done in its entirety but with no music (This is due to music licensing laws).

Find your style, maximize your learning, and take your classes HIGH’er!

*Due to all music laws and rights, you are required to purchase all your music for classes via iTunes or any other legal download.

Taking you HIGHer

We have very HIGH expectations of our instructors to deliver HIGH Fitness classes to the level our participants have grown to expect. With lots of hard work and dedication, ANYONE can become an amazing HIGH Fitness instructor.

In order to maintain our brand, your fitness level, attitude and drive for HIGH Fitness must be top notch, and you must follow our formula 100%.  Wanting to become a HIGH instructor involves a strong work ethic and the ability to be coached. In no time, you will be packing classes and getting everyone you know addicted to being fit.

This process was created so that anyone could become a HIGH Fitness instructor – be the best version of you, implement the tools, embrace the feedback, elevate your skills, build your confidence, and you will deliver HIGH Fitness at your full potential each and every class!