Employment Opportunities

Job Title: Event Planner
Location: Utah
Pay: Contract Position TBD
Apply: [email protected]
Deadline to apply: July 1, 2021


TERM: Project Specific Contract, term will begin at hiring and end at completion of convention.

We are looking for someone with skills and experience in large scale, multi-day convention style events that is willing to work with the HIGH Fitness team in planning, organizing, and executing our 2022 HIGH Instructor Convention (June 10, 11, 12).
– Strong familiarity with, and understanding of, the HIGH Fitness brand
– Large scale event planning experience: 750+ attendees, multi-day
– Experience negotiating costs/terms/etc. – outsourced and in relation to rental facility
– Industry connections – outsourcing amenities, rentals, (beyond the facility contract), local businesses/partnerships, etc.
– Self motivated and self directed
– Strong communication skills
– Welcoming of feedback, flexible to change and/or new ideas
– Highly organized
We have already secured a location for this event, have a registration system in place, and have decided on a theme. Familiarity with the following is helpful:
– Regfox event software
– Google Sheets/Forms/Docs etc.
The event will take place at the Provo Convention Center. You will be asked to work in consultation with the 2019 planning team in transition to the role. We ask that applicants be located within reasonable driving distance of the convention center, local to greater SLC and area.
Please send resume and cover letter to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.