Yes. Exercise can be this fun.

HIGH Fitness is breaking the mold, and taking a bold, unique approach to group fitness – it’s not fitness, it’s HIGH Fitness. HIGH took Old School Aerobics and transformed it into a modern, heart pounding, fun, and effective workout. Cardio and toning meet leg warmers with a side of air guitar. 

Consistency and simplicity are key to the HIGH Fitness brand. Classes are fun, easy to follow, and choreographed to set you up for success. With three different formats to choose from, classes are designed to get you moving, keep you motivated, and help you work off the emotional weight. You will have an absolute blast and leave wanting more – yes, exercise can be this fun!

The combination of aerobic and anaerobic training, complemented by active recovery tracks, makes our flagship format an extremely effective and efficient form of training. Alternating bouts of high-intensity movement with moderate/active recovery means you avoid plateaus, and constantly challenge your body in a safe and effective way that works for YOU. HIGH Fitness is a ZERO equipment, full body workout that has been shown to improve overall endurance, stamina, strength, and cardiovascular health. More importantly, it yields extremely important mental health benefits. Beyond the workout, HIGH Fitness brings fun, fabulous music, and a community like no other – connection, support, and inclusion reap their own benefits on both the mind and body! 

A lower impact workout, HIGH Low is the sister format to our flagship HIGH. Offering impact progressions for every move, HIGH Low is a steady state cardio workout tailored to the individual, by the individual. Highly adaptable to all fitness levels, this lower impact format focuses on the steady state (or aerobic) training zone – the heart rate remains in a manageable yet constant and challenging, aerobic state for the majority of the class. Lower impact leads to less joint discomfort while still yielding those important mental health benefits and improving overall fitness and cardiovascular health. Consistent with the HIGH brand, are the elements of fun, fabulous music, and a community-based inclusive environment!


Yoga inspired, music driven stretching. HIGH Yo was created to help people fall in love with stretching and start including it into their routines on a more regular basis. This lighthearted format incorporates stretching, strength and balance to improve overall health, and show what a difference stretching can make in our lives and for our bodies. HIGH Yo was created to leave you feeling amazing, help you appreciate and take care of your body, help prevent injuries, and maintain overall good health. With HIGH Yo we embrace the fact that every body is different, and we hope to inspire and encourage participants to embrace and love the body they have, both on and off the mat. Most importantly, HIGH Yo is FUN – say goodbye to boring old stretching and say hello to HIGH Yo!

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The HIGH Movement

Come for the workout, leave with best friends! You will instantly feel part of a group of people with the same goal – to have fun!

Simple, Consistent & Effective

You always know what you are going to get! Consistent, simple, and safe choreography allows you to focus on the joy of movement.

No Equipment Needed

All you need is proper footwear, a water bottle, and room to move. Legs warmers are not mandatory, but they are encouraged. 

Our Founders
HIGH Fitness was co-founded in 2015 by friends and fitness instructors Amber Zenith and Emily Nelson. Starting from one class in a community centre, a fitness movement was sparked into a fitness empire with over a million participants annually through in person and virtual classes. 

Amber, based in Calgary, is a former dirt bike and tennis champion. Emily, based in Salt Lake City, is a former dancer and journalism major. Together, they’ve taken the fitness industry by storm and flipped the script by focusing on becoming your best self and dropping emotional weight. They have grown a team of over 3500 instructors with the same goal of encouraging participants to become their best selves by rocking who they already are!

Amber Zenith
Emily Nelson

The Mission

To inspire people to fall in love with movement, and themselves. To help people realize that they do not need to change who they are, they just need to change the way they see themselves.

The HIGH Vision

To build a culture around the idea that elevating others is the norm. Our instructors collectively create an environment where people feel supported, comfortable, and challenged. Through the music, movement and endorphins, participants are able to drop the emotional weight. HIGH classes are designed to be the least stressful part of your day, so we don’t talk about pounds, inches or calories – our goal is to move, have fun and keep you coming back for more.

Yes To Diversity

At HIGH Fitness, we’re committed to creating a culture of inclusivity; one that celebrates the diverse voices of our staff, instructors and participants. We aim to create spaces and opportunities where people from every background can come together and thrive through movement. 
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